PLUS Caplets – They’re Like Gland Food!

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So says Dr. Steve Nugent, Mannatech’s Senior Wellness Director. In his latest video, he says, “PLUS™ is about nourishing your glands, and without your glands functioning you really can’t maintain optimal health.”

Glands are the tissues of the body that produce hormones. PLUS does not provide hormones – your body makes its own hormones. PLUS caplets provide nourishment to your tissues that produce those hormones.

“PLUS is a product if you take it, you feel great,” said Dr. Nugent. “And then when you stop taking it, you really notice the difference.”

 Watch and learn more from Dr. Nugent!

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  1. Lucy DelSarto says:

    I love so many Mannatech products yet, PLUS is my personal favorite and best way to introduce the power of good nutritional products. You simply FEEL GREAT when taking PLUS. Two thumbs up…PLUS needs to be part of your daily ritual. Team Mannatech Athlete and product user since 1998.

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