M5M Leadership Experience: Muzafer Najfi on Making Decisions

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Muzafer Najfi, professional trainer and business development expert, was one of the dynamic speakers at the M5MSM Leadership Experience event this past weekend. He spoke about the importance of decision making as he shared valuable tips and techniques! 

Muzafer shared that when it comes to decision making, one must be consistent with their decision. You should tell yourself that you’re going to be one notch higher than before, and when you reach that notch, stay there! Tell yourself that you are going to make it happen!

One of Muzafer’s most interesting points was that our minds can’t act on conflicting ideas. In fact, he wowed the crowd with an activity that demonstrates this idea. He told everyone to move their right leg clockwise in a circle. And at the same time, they were to draw an imaginary number “6” in the air with their right hand. Well, it couldn’t be done! Why? Because the shared neural pathway can’t carry conflicting instructions. (The audience was still trying to make it work long after the session was over!) 

Leaders have passion, drive, excitement and commitment. Here are Muzafer’s techniques for getting results: 

  • Listen – be quiet
  • Make eye contact
  • Smile
  • Shrug your shoulders
  • Nod

Another tip: use alternative closing questions! Instead of asking questions that yield a “yes” or “no” answer, ask multiple choice questions. Ask, “What did you like best about the product?” Give them choices.

And another scenario Muzafer shared: Imagine you caught a home run ball. It’s in your hand and now you have a decision to make. Are you going to throw the ball away? Are you going to place it on your mantle to collect dust? Or, are you going to talk to everyone you know about it? Will you have conviction that you’re going to make this story big? That important decision will be made the minute you make it! 

As many experienced this past weekend, events are where you can learn the most and be a part of the momentum that leads to success!

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