Mannatech Announces 2017 Chairman’s Club Members

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Mannatech is thrilled to announce its 2017 Chairman’s Club members, an exclusive club for Mannatech’s top active Presidential Directors from around the world. This elite group will be able to enjoy an extra three days in Maui, Hawaii in January to kick off Mannatech’s annual Summit event.

These top-performing, global leaders will join our Global Support Team executives in Hawaii before the Summit event for additional leisure time as a reward for their dedication to their Mannatech business.

The 2017 Chairman’s Club members come from around the world and include the following elite business builders:

  • Wen Xia Liu and Liquin Shen
  • Xiao Juan Zhu and Yi Hang Bao
  • Heng Jung Je
  • Yong Chung Won and Ah Reum Kim
  • Sungwoo and Changhyun An
  • Insook Park and Changsun Kim
  • Soo Kyung Kim and Gak Ro Lee
  • Meong He Song and Ho Yong Eo
  • Yong Hwang
  • Young Su Kang and Ilja Jung
  • Sang Mi Park and Jae Hoon Bae
  • Myungjin Lee and Juwon Bae
  • Myungjoon Kim
  • Ji Man Jung and Myongsook Park
  • Hyang Sun Lee and Sujin Park
  • Lora and Gene Enabnit
  • Luciano Fidalgo
  • Steven and Barbie Hines
  • Donald and Sherry Partridge
  • Ray and Dianna Robbins
  • John Peter and Bertha Koster
  • Louis and Leone Van der Linde

Congratulations to this year’s Chairman’s Club members!