Mannatech® China: How to Become a Registered Business Customer

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With the opening of Mannatech China^ some of the best health and wellness products are now available to families in Mainland China via its cross-border e-commerce website.

To help further explain how Mannatech is operating in China, we have released frequently asked questions about our business in China. This should help you understand how you can take advantage of Mannatech’s global growth and entry into this magnificent market.

The following questions and answers address Mannatech’s cross-border e-commerce business model, specifically, how to be a registered business customer.

  • How do I become a registered business customer?
    • After you sign up on as an individual customer, you need to submit to Meitai your company’s business license and a photocopy of your ID.
    • After Meitai verifies your business status, your account will be upgraded to a registered business customer account.
  • How does one apply for a business license?
    • Individual business licenses are simple to apply for and only require a few materials to prepare. Below is a general guideline on what you need to do to obtain an individual business license in China.
  1. Get a name approval from local commercial bureau.
  2. Make copies of ID and photo of company owner.
  3. Have address of company (Deed or Lease Agreement should be provided 
for verification).
  4. Fill out forms from local commercial bureau.
  5. Other certificates possibly required by your local bureau.
  • After a business license is granted*:
  1. Obtain your Organization Code Certificate from local commercial bureau.
  2. Get a company chop.
  3. File the company chop with local public safety department.
  4. Go to local taxation bureau to get a Certificate of Taxation Registration.
  5. Open a bank account.
  6. Buy invoices.

*Please note different province or city requirements may vary, please call your local commercial bureau for more specific requirements before filing your application.

  • Now that Mannatech has launched its e-commerce site, could someone in China set up a kiosk to sell product?

    • At this time, you cannot set up a kiosk to sell our products as they are not yet registered through the CFDA. If you already have a kiosk, you can distribute flyers and catalogs that promote our products and website to your customers.
  • What materials are available regarding Meitai?
    • Promotional flyers
    • WeChat videos
    • Additional materials will be developed as we increase our scope in China
  • Can store owners promote e-commerce in their shops using flyers or catalogs?
    • Those who own stores or shops may promote the e-commerce website and our products at their business location using promotional materials approved by Mannatech for use in China.
  • What is a valid invoice to redeem cash?

    • A registered business customer must submit a Chinese VAT invoice to redeem cash. The invoice needs to describe the nature of service income and state Meitai Daily Necessities & Health Product Co., Ltd. as the payer. The invoice amount should equal to the redemption credit value.
    • We will check the invoice authenticity. If the invoice you provided is invalid, you will be informed to re-submit another one in order to exchange for cash.
  • How can I submit an invoice?
    • Please mail a paper VAT invoice to: Mannatech Team, 2nd Floor, Building No.5, Suhao International Plaza, No.199 Shangwu Avenue, Huaqiao Town, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province; or please email an electronic VAT invoice to
  • For the products sold on the e-commerce platform, will Meitai issue an invoice?
    • Mannatech products come from overseas and Meitai will not issue an invoice because relevant tax laws do not apply to overseas products sold through cross-border e-commerce. However, Meitai will provide receipts.
  • Where can customers in China get more product information?
  • Who can be contacted in China for more information?
    • Local China Support Team: 400-828-1010 or
    • If you are outside of China, please contact your local customer service department for more information about Mannatech in China.
    • Mannatech China can also be found via WeChat, search: 美泰日用保健品 for the company WeChat store.


^ Mannatech’s cross-border ecommerce model in China is a different opportunity from Mannatech’s MLM business in other markets. Our cross-border ecommerce model in China is not a MLM or direct selling business.