Mannatech China: Where To Get Information About Mannatech in China

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In the coming months, Mannatech will open its cross-border e-commerce business* in Mainland China. For those outside of China seeking information about our upcoming opening, Mannatech Customer Service teams around the world are prepared to help answer questions and provide valuable information about our China program.

If you have questions about Mannatech China launch, please contact your regional customer service department. Each customer service team can help you learn more about the cross-border e-commerce business model as well as the products available in China.

The customer service team can also help you obtain a China e-commerce referral identification number that gives benefits to the Associate who refers a customer in China once the e-commerce business officially opens.

*“Mannatech’s cross-border e-commerce model in China is a different opportunity from Mannatech’s MLM business in other markets. Our cross-border ecommerce model in China is not an MLM or direct selling business.”






*“Mannatech’s 在中国的跨境电子商务模式与Mannatech’s 在其它市场的MLM 不同。我们的中国跨境电子商务模式不是MLM 或直销商业。.”


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