Mannatech Keeps 48-Year Old Going Strong at the Construction Site

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Name: Benlo Schmidt
Location: AUS

Benlo Schmidt is no stranger to hard work. Having been a competitive athlete and veteran builder on countless construction sites, Schmidt was use to putting in a long day of physical effort. However, as he closed in on his 40th birthday, he felt he was slowing down, which led him to try Mannatech products to help slow the effect of getting older.

“I had been concerned that I couldn’t push myself as hard during physical training or even working long hours like I was used to in earlier years,” said Schmidt.

Schmidt was introduced to Mannatech by his business partner and now upline sponsor, Nico De Beer, after complaining that he couldn’t stay as fit as he liked even though he was staying as active as possible. De Beer suggested Schmidt take a look at a video on Mannatech products and provided him with a sample of Advanced Ambrotose®.

“I was very keen to try it, but it seemed expensive,” said Schmidt. “So I asked Nico for a small amount of Ambrotose when he ordered some, and the rest is history!”

Schmidt said the most profound experience he’s had using Mannatech products have been during the last six years when he and De Beer started a new business installing spray insulation foam in buildings. He and De Beer regularly use the Optimal Support Packets while also adding Advanced Ambrotose, CardioBALANCE® and Omega-3 with Vitamin D3 added to their daily regimens. When their work gets particularly physical, they include EM•PACT® mixed with a bit of AmbroStart® and Advanced Ambrotose to help them stay strong on the construction site.

“This work has been 100 percent hands-on for us, and when we are installing it is probably the most demanding experience physically and mentally that I have ever had,” Schmidt said. “I am 48 and Nico is 59! We have both been blown-away by what these products have been able to do for us, as the guys half our age on the building site have a hard time keeping up with us.”

With the effects of Mannatech products having a direct impact on his life, Schmidt immersed himself into learning and understanding everything he could about the glyconutritional technology that is at the core of many of Mannatech’s products. He also joined the company as an Associate, having felt his relationship to those in the company, Mannatech’s commitment to improving the world and its approach to doing business were very welcoming to him.

“I used to have issues with trust, so I was always meticulous in finding out details on products and organizations I associated with before I would commit to using it myself, or give a recommendation,” said Schmidt. “In Mannatech, it felt like I had found not only a new purpose, but also a new family – people I could trust.”

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