Mannatech Leaders Celebrate on Punta Cana Incentive Trip

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For their exceptional efforts, Mannatech’s incentive earners experienced a sun-soaked beach paradise in Punta Cana this past December, which was captured in this interactive video.

The video shows the fun and growth opportunities that earning last year’s incentive trip gave to the qualifiers. This included a dance beach party fueled by the beats of a DJ. Friends and new friends gathered to exchange stories of how they came to travel from their hometowns to the romantic and relaxing resort in Punta Cana. Activities such as parasailing, helicopter rides and lounging by the pool or surf were well attended and enjoyed.

The trip was an opportunity for these leaders to exchange ideas and learn from some of the best and brightest of Mannatech’s Associate leaders. But mostly it was about relaxing by the pool and enjoying the rewards reaped from hard work.

With new opportunities for new incentives on the horizon, all Associates have an opportunity to go where the leaders go and to reap the rewards of their labors.

When you become a social entrepreneur with Mannatech, the rewards are many. However, in addition to the fulfilling rewards of fighting global malnutrition through M5M, we also have some other awesome rewards for your hard work and dedication. In fact, we’ve got spectacular rewards for every level of leadership.

Learn more about Mannatech Incentives here.


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