Mannatech Scored an A+ on Its Dietary Supplement Report Card

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Consumers today are faced with a huge number of dietary supplement choices. According to the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN),† “Some choices are smarter than others, and consumers would be wise to do their homework.” To assist with this homework, CRN recently published “One Dozen Tips for Consumers.” Based on these tips, below is Mannatech’s Dietary Supplement Report Card:

CRN Tip #1:  Avoid products that sound too good to be true, offer quick fixes, or are “barely legal.”

Tip Details: Supplements are not drugs, so don’t expect a quick fix. For best results, they should be part of a healthy diet and lifestyle. Products that sound too good to be true, probably are too good to be true! If products are marketed as “barely legal,” or “won’t be available much longer,” the FDA may be concerned about the product’s safety.

Mannatech’s Performance: A+  Mannatech products have reasonable claims, and the benefits of numerous products are backed by human clinical trials.

CRN Tip #2:  Look for nationally recognized brands.

Tip Details: Such companies have a lot at stake, so they work hard to ensure their products live up to their reputation.

Mannatech’s Performance: A+  Mannatech is a nationally recognized brand.

CRN Tip #3:  Look for quality seals or third-party certifications.

Tip Details: Such a seal indicates the product has been evaluated by an independent laboratory. NSF International and the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) have legitimate certification programs that can provide further assurance of product quality.

Mannatech’s Performance: A+  Numerous Mannatech products are certified by NSF International.*

CRN Tip #4:  Watch where you buy.

Tip Details: Many products associated with contamination problems identified by the FDA are offered exclusively through Internet sites from fly-by-night companies.

Mannatech’s Performance: A+  Mannatech has been offering products via direct sales Associates since 1994.

CRN Tip #5: Look for membership in an industry trade association.

Tip Details: Companies that join such associations demonstrate long-term commitment to the marketplace. CRN is the leading trade association representing dietary supplement manufacturers and ingredient suppliers in the U.S.

Mannatech’s Performance: A+ Mannatech has been a member of CRN since 2002, and Dr. Rob Sinnott, Mannatech’s CEO and Chief Science Officer, served as the chairman of the CRN’s Senior Scientific Advisory Council 2009–2010.

CRN Tip #6: Visit the company’s website.

Tip Details: Look for an address and contact information. Is there a phone number?

Mannatech’s Performance: A+ Complete contact information, including Customer Care, is accessible from the home page.

CRN Tip #7: Look for product labels and ingredient lists.

Tip Details: Companies that don’t show their product labels or provide a list of ingredients may be trying to hide something.

Mannatech’s Performance: A+  Product labels are posted on Ingredient lists are posted in our Product Guides and on

CRN Tip #8: Look for a company with longevity.

Tip Details: Has the company been marketing products for at least a few years, and does it have a good track record?

Mannatech’s Performance: A+ Mannatech has been successfully marketing innovative, effective dietary supplements since 1994.

CRN Tip #9: Avoid companies that regularly undergo name changes.

Tip Details: This may mean they are trying to hide past problems.

Mannatech’s Performance: A+  Mannatech has been Mannatech since 1994!

* NSF – Certified according to the NSF/ANSI 173 Dietary Supplement Standard—the only American National Standard for dietary supplements. This certification ensures that this product contains only the ingredients indicated on the label and is free of impurities, and that Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) were used in the manufacturing facility.

† CRN is the leading U.S. trade association representing dietary supplement manufacturers and ingredient suppliers.

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