Mannatech’s® GSAB Member, Dr. Richard J. Bloomer, Commits to Enhancing Product Research

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Name: Richard J. Bloomer, PhD

Location: Memphis, TN


Dr. Richard Bloomer’s passion for health-specific research makes him the perfect addition to Mannatech’s Global Scientific Advisory Board (GSAB). His enthusiasm for research originates from a personal interest in fitness, athletics, nutrition and dietary supplementation.

He joined Mannatech’s GSAB to help shape the direction of Mannatech’s product line and the research supporting the various products.

“Most companies perform little to no research to support the safety or efficacy of their products,” said Bloomer. “They simply rely on strong marketing campaigns, advertisements, testimonials and endorsements. While these can be convincing and do serve a useful purpose, they can never take the place of rigorous scientific studies.”

Bloomer understands Mannatech’s commitment to providing ingredients and finished products that are supported scientifically. As a part of the GSAB, he hopes to enhance what has been done in the past in terms of product development and research. Moreover, as an educator and researcher in the natural products field for the past 15 years, he looks forward to providing ongoing education to Mannatech Associates.

University of Memphis

He began his relationship with Mannatech in 2009 when he was introduced to Ambrotose AO®. He and his lab group completed a gold-standard, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial that showed that Ambrotose AO® was a highly effective antioxidant product for healthy subjects.* The study and the manuscript were published in 2010 (Bloomer et al. Nutr J. 2010 Nov 1;9:49). During this initial experience with Mannatech, it was apparent to him that Mannatech was committed to developing research that supports its products.

“Research and studies, particularly placebo-controlled human clinical trials, are expensive and many companies choose to avoid this altogether,” said Bloomer. “The fact that Mannatech has funded numerous clinical studies to evaluate its products is noteworthy. They also have a team of scientists working together to ensure that high-quality products are being formulated and produced under good manufacturing practices.”

Bloomer has used Mannatech products since 2010. The product he has used the most is Ambrotose AO®, as it provides antioxidant and immune support, which he believes is  very important.* He feels strongly that nutraceuticals and dietary supplements serve a very useful purpose as a component of a complete lifestyle approach to health, and Mannatech products fit that role.*

Bloomer’s expertise will also provide the GSAB with increased knowledge in the area of nutrient intervention to improve cardio-metabolic health and related outcomes, which involves both whole food and nutritional supplementation.

A particular emphasis of his work is focused on oxidative stress and antioxidant status measured in a resting state, as well as following physical stress and the ingestion of high fat meals. His work in this area has received considerable attention, having been published in close to 150 peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters.

“I have been fortunate to grow my personal interest into a well-established research program centered primarily on the study of dietary intake and nutraceuticals to improve aspects of human health,” said Bloomer.

 Bloomer hopes to transform lives by educating people to understand that health challenges can be largely avoided if they would adopt a complete approach to healthy living. This should always include structured physical activity, a nutrient dense diet and the use of selected dietary supplements. He feels that most people want to do better but they simply lack the knowledge of what to do and how to do it.

“Education is the key, coupled with a good support structure to allow for adherence. It must be a lifestyle approach and not simply a ‘diet.’ I see my role as an educator and innovator to provide others with the tools needed to improve the quality of life through optimal living,” said Bloomer.


To read Dr. Richard Bloomer’s full bio, click here.**

**Dr. Bloomer is employed by The University of Memphis. The university, as a matter of policy, does not endorse specific products or services. Opinions expressed by Dr. Bloomer should be viewed as personal and his credentials as a Professor and Director are for identification purposes only.