New U.S. and Canadian Directors for BP3, 2016

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New U.S. and Canadian Directors for BP3, 2016

Mannatech is proud to announce the following Associates who, in BP3, emerged as new Leaders! We appreciate your hard work and dedication to your Mannatech business.

Please join us in congratulating Mannatech’s new Leaders who continue to help make Mannatech successful. Don’t forget to download your Social Media Recognition Badge from the Resource Library and share it with your friends!

Canadian Associates


Presidential Directors

Ziqiang Dai – Burnaby, BC 


Executive Directors

Hui Ren Zhang – Richmond, BC

Li Rong – Surrey, BC

Atheanah Jessalyn Lee – Coquitlam, BC 


Sr. National Directors

Li Ping Cai – Vancouver, BC

Yu Ding – Port Coquitlam, BC

Hong Ling Li – Richmond, BC

Li Xun Chen – Richmond, BC 


National Directors

Xiao Hui Li- Richmond, BC

Jian Wei Hua- Coquitlam, BC

Hung Hui- Vancouver, BC

Da Chen- Surrey, BC

Jia Xian Kevin Lu- Vancouver, BC

LiLi He- Surrey, BC

Pei Ying Shao- Surrey, BC

Yuhao Chen- Surry, BC

Weiren Lu- Burnaby, BC

Chuan Chuan Wu- Burnaby, BC

Yan Zhu- Vancouver, BC

Bei Jun Guan- Richmond, BC

Chun Rong Yao- Coquitlam, BC

Dongqing Li- Surrey, BC

Zhi Wei Shu- Surrey, BC

Chaowei Zhen- Vancouver, BC

Chun Wang- Burnaby, BC

Sandra Claug- Vancouver, BC

Anthony Cheong- Vancouver, BC

Patricia Lee- Vancouver, BC


Regional Directors

Sharalyn Durant- West Kelowna, BC

Watson Elisa- Sundridge, ON

Lindsay Keller- Kelowna, BC

Fuxing Chen- Surrey, BC

Man-Chin Chao- Aldergrove, BC

Xiang Ma- Surrey, BC

Hong Qian- Vancouver, BC

Cindy Chen- West Vancouver, BC

Mi Kyung Shin- North Vancouver, BC

Xi Chen- Vancouver, BC

Dongrong He- Abbotsford, BC

Hongyun Sun- Abbotsford, BC

Xiao Feng Su- Burnaby, BC

Xueman Li- Langley, BC

Yiping Wu- Richmond, BC

Ying Ye- New Westminster, BC

Li Wei- Coquitlam, BC

Ping Chen- White Rock, BC

Xin Li- Vancouver, BC

Yi Qing Liu- Coquitlam, BC

Yu Ting Hung- Surrey, BC

Xiao Bo Li- Surrey, BC

Li Li- Richmond, BC

Hui Zhang- Port Coquitlam

Qing Zhang- Richmond, BC

Monalyne Bachalo- Carlyle, SK

Jackie Dai- Burnaby, BC

Ai Xin Guo- Surrey, BC

Jing Ke Dai, Vancouver, BC

Shen Qin- Richmond, BC

Candy Meikam Wong- Richmond, BC

Hong Sheng Zhang- Victoria, BC

Bin Zhou- Vancouver, BC

Yan Li Shao- Surrey, BC

Ivy Aiwei Yeo- Surrey, BC

Shu Hui Zheng- Surrey, BC


U.S. Associates


Silver Presidential

Li Chai – Redmond, WA


Presidential Director

Jianhong Xu – Redmond, WA


Executive Directors

Linli Moat – Mountlake Terrace, WA


National Directors

Cathy Singleton- Frisco, TX

Karol Paola Guerrero Lopez- Miami, FL

Diana Santamaria- Miami, FL

Bolong Du- Bellevue, WA

Eun Hee Lee- Irvine, CA

Wei Liu- Raymond, NE

Yingqi Zhao- Bellevue, WA

Li Zhang- Lincoln, NE

Angie Constanza Casillo Hoyos- Miami, FL

Wilson Henry Sepulveda Aguirre- Miami, FL

Jung Hoon Tae- Tenafly, NJ

Hong Chen- Pleasanton, CA


Regional Directors

Tinna Hawkins- Las Vegas, NV

Amy Hammes- Fond du Lac, WI

Jeongeun Lee- Carrollton, TX

Debbie Coffman- Baldwin Park, CA

Frances Jones- Devore Heights, CA

Kimberly Carlson- Anchorage, AK

Myrna M. Velasquez- Los Angeles, CA

Andrea Calle Arciniegas- Miami, FL

James Shyr- Johns Creek, CA

Maria E Santos- Providence, RI

Yan Cheng- Seattle, WA

Qing Cai- Seattle, WA

Daisy Pang- Los Angeles, CA

Min Zheng- Edmonds, WA

Min Spencer- Mill Creek, WA

Sarah Shin- Springfield, VA

Kevin Legrand- Beaver, WV

Barry Reed- Gonzales, LA

Eliana Cecilia Molina Vergara- Miami, FL

Flor Maria Bejarano Linares- Miami, FL

Mario Alberto Villa Mendoza- Miami, FL

Bin Li- Bothell, WA

Julian Velasquez- Los Angeles, CA

Carmen Elisa Castillo Sepulveda- Miami, FL

Cecilia Aguirre- Miami, FL

James M Kelly- Ocala, FL

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