Pinterest 101

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Post your interests with Pinterest. Pinterest is a unique social network that is based on sharing and organizing photos found online by “pinning” them onto boards of a specific topic. You can use this visually appealing network to promote your Mannatech business by sharing Mannatech products, blog posts from and other lifestyle posts that you think would be relevant to the financial and physical wellness that Mannatech supports.

Don’t have a Pinterest account?

  1. Go to Sign up with your email address or through your Facebook or Twitter account.Pinterest sign up
  2. Create your profile. When you create your account, try to stick with a consistent username and profile photo if you already have a Facebook Business Page, Twitter or Instagram account for your Mannatech business.
  3. Edit your profile. Click the button with your username and photo at the top right corner of the screen to view your profile. Then click the “Edit Profile” button in the upper right corner and fill in the “About You” and “Location” sections. Add your shop link to the “Website” section.
  4. Follow Mannatech on Pinterest. Search “Mannatech” in the search bar at the top and click to visit our page. Click “Follow” at the top right of the screen to follow all of our boards.pinterest MT follow
  5. Follow others by going to your Pinterest feed (hit the P icon next to the search bar). Click “Find Friends” on the left side. If you’ve connected your Pinterest account with your Facebook or Twitter account, you should see your friends pop up that have a Pinterest account too. Click their names to see their profiles and follow their boards.

How to Pin

  1. Install the Pin It Button. The easiest way to add content from any site is to add the “Pin It” button to your Web browser. Visit the “Goodies” page on Pinterest to learn how to install it. You can also add pins via the Pin It button on your favorite sites.
  2. Create a New Board. Click “Create a Board” on the left when viewing your profile page. Give your board a descriptive name like “Mannatech Products,” “Healthy Recipes,” “Fitness Tips,” etc.pinterest create board
  3. Add a Pin. Click into one of your boards and then click “Add a Pin” in the upper left corner. Then choose if you’d like to pin from an outside website or from your device.
    1. If you’d like to pin an image from a website outside of Pinterest, enter the web address and hit next. After selecting the image you want to pin from the website, you’ll get another window to create the pin. You’ll do two things in this window—choose which board to add the pin to and write a description of the image you’re pinning.
    2. If you’d like to upload a pin from your device, choose the image and then proceed creating the pin.
  4.  Repin from Your Feed. If someone you’re following has added a pin that you like, you can save it to one of your boards as well. Simply hover over the image on Pinterest and three buttons will appear—repin, like and comment. To add a pin to your account click repin and follow the same steps you would to add a pin.

Now that you have a Pinterest account, what should you pin?

If you have created a Pinterest account to use for your business as a Mannatech Associate, you are a representative of our brand and company. Just as Facebook Business Pages and Twitter business accounts enable you to share content; your goal is to pin content that is relevant and engaging to your prospective clients. Share product images, blog posts, fitness tips, cleanse recipes, inspirational quotes, etc.

Make sure that everything you pin is appropriate, professional and based on information that Mannatech, Inc. shares with the public. Don’t forget to use #Mannatech in your pin descriptions!

Happy Pinning!

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