Quite Possibly the Coolest Tool in your Toolbox

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We introduced you to Custom Links a few months ago, and Shop.Mannatech.com even before that.

But only recently have some of you been leveraging the horsepower that these two very simple tools provide. Things like creating custom shopping pages for large groups or individuals on the fly. An easy-to-use interface that works great on mobile devices and your desktop alike. Linkage directly to your account so you get credit for it all.

Well, Shop.Mannatech.com is completely free to any Mannatech Associate. It just may be the coolest tool in your Associate toolbox.

But let’s not ramble too much about it here when there’s a perfectly great video that tells the story of Shop.Mannatech.com better than we ever could. Watch the video now, and then start using your Shop.Mannatech.com.

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