Social Media Recognition Badges Now Available

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To help celebrate Mannatech’s Associate achievements, the company has launched new social media recognition badges specifically designed for each leadership level. Share your rank and outstanding accomplishments with everyone you know through Mannatech’s new social media badges. The badges can be found and downloaded from Mannatech’s Resource Library.

Once you, or a member of your downline, reach a new level, you will be able to download a graphic from the resource library to post it on your or your downline’s favorite social media site. It’s a great way to share your success and inspire curiosity from potential prospects and business builders.

Make the badge your profile picture or share it on Instagram or Twitter. This badge is a symbol of dedication and success, so show it off proudly!

lydia some badges

“We are so excited to have the Mannatech social media badges! This is another tool we can use to recognize our leaders and help motivate our Associates to attain greater achievements,” said Lydia Stasiak, a Mannatech National Director in Texas. “When I initially received the badges, I went to all of our Associates on Success Tracker to find their highest level in Mannatech. I then posted their badge on their Facebook Page for the world to see. These are a great point of pride for those who receive them and it inspires me when I give them out.”

Stasiak said that the badges, which give a bragging-right incentive to Associates, also help to give Mannatech broader exposure on social media platforms.

“These badges have definitely helped as motivation for those who have fallen off their highest levels to get back to Director,” Stasiak said. “For others, the badges encourage them to get to the next level and attain achievements that can be proudly displayed on their social media pages. For me personally, it opened conversations with old friends from high school and college to discuss my awesome Mannatech business.”

Currently, the badges include recognition of all Director level ranks. This is one part of an overall update of the Mannatech recognition program.

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