The Four Basics

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We are now in Week 3 of the 100-Day Challenge! Every great athletic feat has been accomplished by ensuring that the foundational elements are solid. We, too, have great feats to accomplish so let’s make sure we are grounded in the four elements that really matter!

#1        Make a List

As you make your list, be sure you add not only people you know but also the people that your contacts know. Include EVERYONE, even those people that make you nervous. They are still part of your list, even if it’s your ‘chicken list.’ Expand your list by adding at least one new person every day.

#2        Contact and Invite

This is when we move all of the names on our list to our calendars. It is strongly recommended that you set up all of your appointments for the coming week either on that Sunday afternoon/evening or first thing Monday morning. Have a party! Invite your team and go through your lists together. Support each other on the tough calls and have fun. If you make this event something to look forward to each week, and you do it with energy, then it will start to show in the results you’ll create. Remember, the phone is your friend!

#3        Show the Plan

Since our objective is to show the plan 20 to 25 times per month, then we should have least four to five appointments a week. These do not need to be formal meetings, though group sessions would be the most efficient use of your time and therefore you can do more of them. However, individual meetings in the home, at a coffee shop, or anywhere else, will count as showing the plan.

Plus, if you get excited about showing the plan, you will do it more often and the people will be more excited about seeing it!

#4        Follow Up

They say that the fortune is in the follow-up. All this great work you’ve done will be in vain if you do not follow up.

Follow up again, and again. If someone says ‘no,’ make an agreement to call back and follow up in a week, in a month, in a few months. Just because they said no today doesn’t mean they’ll say yes in the future. Once they are on your list, they should never really come off. People’s circumstances change and so do their answers!

Persistence pays off!


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