The M5M℠ Foundation: A Year in Review

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The M5M Foundation officially launched in January 2015 to help Mannatech in the fight against global childhood malnutrition. It sure was a busy year. Here’s a look at some of the M5M Foundation’s major accomplishments in 2015:

  • More than 2,600 boxes of PhytoBlend™ powder and more than 17 million servings of PhytoBlend powder were donated to children in need in 9 countries around the world, including El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Kenya, Nicaragua, South Africa, Taiwan, Zambia and the United States.
  • More than 48,000 children in need were provided nourishment on a daily basis through the M5M Foundation.
  • The M5M Foundation team delivered or shipped PhytoBlend powder to four continents.
  • The M5M Foundation obtained its 501(c)(3) designation as a non-profit organization and launched its website,
  • The M5M Foundation focused on partnering with reliable and committed organizations in which it could build lifelong partnerships.
  • Several quality controls were created to ensure PhytoBlend powder is administered correctly to maximize its benefits.
  • The Foundation’s goals for next year are to continue establishing partners, expanding their reach throughout the world and creating more social awareness about the effects of childhood malnutrition and the M5M’s commitment to helping fight childhood malnutrition.

If you have purchased any Mannatech products throughout 2015, you have helped the M5M Foundation reach 17 million servings of PhytoBlend powder by triggering a donation from Mannatech to the M5M Foundation. Thank you for your support in the fight against global childhood malnutrition. Let’s make it our goal to increase those servings next year.

Stay up to date with the M5M Foundation by following their blog at and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

M5M infographic

3 Responses

  1. ceegee says:

    I’m sure everyone who uses Mannatech’s products and those who receive financial benefit enjoy being part of such an incredible world first company. But the M5M program gives greater purpose to all we do and every consumer is assisting to save the lives of vulnerable children. May 2016 increase in every way.

  2. Michael John Vanderhoof says:

    I just watched a show on how the human mind responds better to specific stories over statistics. How about featuring stories like Aura from Guatamala and her results with PhytoBlend powder?

  3. Nwntzster says:

    Where on the website can the M5M wristbands be purchased.

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