Want to Find Out Your True Health? Our New Tool Can Help (+中文)

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Since declaring war on the Body Mass Index (BMI), Mannatech has led the charge with the TruHealth™ Fat-Loss System to embrace a more accurate and complete way to measure a person’s health and wellness.

We are so excited to introduce the InnerScan™ Body Composition Analyzer to help you understand your body better than ever!

The InnerScan BCA will help you measure key health indicators, including percentage of water to total body weight, total body fat and visceral fat. These measurements allow you to detect and track improper balances in your body composition for a clearer understanding of where you stand with your health.

The InnerScan Body Composition Analyzer is the perfect tool to measure your own health, introduce Mannatech’s TruHealth Fat-Loss System to new people and grow your Mannatech business.

Order the InnerScan Body Composition Analyzer today and start getting to know your body better. Available in U.S. only. Not for resale in Canada.

To learn more about the InnerScan Body Composition Analyzer download the InnerScan Instruction Sheet and read these tips on how to build your business with the InnerScan.

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我们现在很兴奋向您介绍InnerScan™身体成分测量仪(InnerScan™ Body Composition Analyzer来帮助您比以往更了解您的身体!

InnerScan™身体成分测量仪帮助您测量关键健康指标,包括水分占总体重百分比, 肌肉质量和内脏脂肪状况。这些数据用您健康重要测量指标帮助您清楚地了解您身体状况。



了解更多有关InnerScan身体成分测试仪,请下载 InnerScan Instruction Sheet 或阅读 read these tips 了解有关怎样用InnerScan建立您的事业。

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