20 Years and Counting

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As a naturopathic doctor, former high-level athlete, and a 30+ year veteran in the wellness industry, I have been approached with many diet ideas, supplement companies, and nutritional concepts. The majority of these have inevitably lead to representatives requesting my personal endorsement. Being skeptical, I consider personal experience and research to be critical in evaluation as to whether include this in my own personal wellness regimen as well as those around the world who value my opinion, and that of my wife, Dr. Michele Neil-Sherwood.

Enter Mannatech into the discussion.

Nearly 20 years ago, I was approached about a patented formula called Ambrotose. The pitch sounded similar to those I had heard many times before, “Use this for your best health ever.” This time, however, I determined my response would be different. I challenged the person to supply me with the product for a particular length of time, at his cost, for my careful evaluation. To my astonishment, he agreed and the journey began. [Click here to read more]

As a high-level athlete, who at that time was traveling the world doing exhibitions of strength and motivational speaking, my body was ravaged with a constant supply of free radicals, excessive inflammatory cytokines, and other oxidizing mediators. Basically, I was pushing my body to the limit and consequently challenged needing optimal recovery. I began by using 1/2 teaspoon of Ambrotose daily. I simply added this to my regularly scheduled supplement routine which included the following: omega-3 fatty acid’s, vitamin D, vitamin B complex, coenzyme Q 10, and probiotics.

It took some time, but I did begin to notice a substantial improvement in both my recovery, mobility, strength, and physical resiliency. I had always consumed a very healthy nutritional protocol, the only variant or additive was the Ambrotose powder. My belief in the product began to escalate. Soon thereafter, I found myself increasing the dosage to 1 to 1 1/2 teaspoons daily. My performance and recovery continued to improve.

In our practice, the Functional Medical Institute in Tulsa, OK, we are constantly educating our patient base on the value of cellular health and cellular communication. With over 6000 patients worldwide, one can imagine this is a huge and important endeavor. There is a bottom line to consider – without optimum cellular function, we truly are setting ourselves up for systemic dysfunction and greater disease conditions. Therefore, we are convinced that adding Ambrotose to our daily supplement intake can do nothing but improve the cell-to-cell communication process with zero potential negative consequences. This patented formula does have a few studies that back up our observation. With studies, in our line of work, we are aware there will be criticism and critique in opinions and studies – who funded them, how are they controlled, who benefits, and how many people were involved. Of course, there are many confounders. However, whether the studies are sufficient for some or not has no bearing on our decision to use Ambrotose daily. We see no negative side effects and only potential benefit. We trust personal experience to the highest level. With the inclusion of all-natural ingredients and carefully sourced material, Ambrotose appears to be influential in cellular communication and therefore better cellular function.

After 20 years, the process I began long ago continues daily. My physical condition, at this time in my life, is as good or better than it was 20 years ago. I still push my body to the limit on a daily basis with consistent and regular exercise along with excellent nutrition. I have been able to heal quicker than most when occasionally injured and, by the same token, have been able to remain relatively injury-free. Perhaps the next 20 years can be equally as productive. I sincerely hope the next 20 years can be equal to or even greater in productivity and influence. I do know this, I will continue to use Ambrotose daily as part of my routine.

Dr. Mark Sherwood
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma