AmbroStart® – Energize Your Day and Get Moving!

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ambrostartWe all need a pick-me-up – in the morning, after lunch, at the end of the workday and sometimes in between. Those are the times when energy and vigor tend to fail us; it’s hard to get going. While caffeine is an easy and instant solution to help wake you up, it can have multiple downsides such as that jittery feeling, withdrawal headaches and irritability when you don’t get enough.

Mannatech’s AmbroStart drink mix is formulated with medium-chain triglycerides and fructose, which are important, natural fuel sources of energy. It also includes soluble fiber, which helps support a healthy digestive system. * The delicious, orange-flavored powder mixes easily in water and refreshes you throughout the day.

With AmbroStart drink mix, you can wake up AND get energizing nutrients into your system.* So put the coffee creamer down. Start your morning, afternoon and evening off on the right foot and choose AmbroStart drink mix.

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