Board to Visit Seoul, Korea to Attend 2015 Asia MannaFest

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To ensure Mannatech is on the vanguard of the wellness revolution around the world, the company’s Board of Directors will be traveling to the 2015 Asia MannaFest event. This meeting underscores the prominent role that the Asia-Pacific market has in the global wellness revolution.

A first for Mannatech, the Board of Directors will be touring the Mannatech Asia regional office, which represents a great achievement for Mannatech Asia, as it reflects the company’s ability to operate as a global, international organization.

Mannatech recognizes that much of its future growth will come from expanding both existing and potential new markets, and this meeting is a step toward increasing Mannatech’s capabilities and continued progression.

Along with their official duties, Board members will attend a Presidential dinner on Friday, Oct. 30 where they will have the opportunity to interact with Mannatech’s top Asia Associates in a more intimate setting.

Board members will then attend 2015 Asia MannaFest on Saturday, Oct. 31, with the meeting to convene on Monday, Nov. 2. From Seoul, the Board members will travel to different Asian offices and training centers to attend various Associate events.

Asia MannaFest will attract thousands of attendees who are interested in how Mannatech is leading the global wellness revolution. All major Asian markets are expected to be represented at 2015 Asia MannaFest, including Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

Associates interested in attending Asia MannaFest can email inquiries to

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