Change Your World: Don’t Miss Your Breakthrough Moment

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Have you ever been to an event that changed your life? Maybe it was a concert, a championship game or a summer camp. These experiences impacted you for many reasons. You met and connected with some great people, you witnessed something extraordinary, you were inspired and you learned something new. Looking back, you can pinpoint those events as monumental and crucial for developing the person you are today.

In the third video of our Change Your World series, Lonnie Webster shares just how important it is for him to attend Mannatech events. In fact, he’s determined to not miss one!

If you’ve attended a Mannatech event such as MannaFest, the Leadership Experience or a Super Regional meeting, you know the game-changing difference it can make on your Mannatech business.

Watch Lonnie’s video and visit to register for your next breakthrough experience.

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