Competing at the Top – On and Off the Court

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With a national title on the line in a recent National Masters Racquetball Association competition, Lucy Kupish DelSarto, a Team Mannatech member, turned to Mannatech products to overcome adversity and gain advantage over her opponents.

DelSarto, competing in a 50-years and over mixed doubles national racquetball tournament, said that she has relied on Mannatech products to help her stay competitive. During this particular national title event, she ran into early difficulties as a twisted ankle slowed her down. While she was treating her ankle, the rest of her game stayed strong, thanks to Mannatech products. During the competition she employed a regime of Advanced Ambrotose® capsules, SPORT™ capsules and applied FIRM with Ambrotose® moisturizing cream to ensure she was ready for competition while her ankle recovered.

“I came back the next couple days at 95 percent, and by day two I was 100 percent. At full health, I went on to win,” said DelSarto.

With more than three decades as a professional racquetball player and coach, DelSarto, has what it takes to demonstrate and teach wellness like no one else. She lives and breathes wellness and determination on and off the court and gives credit to Mannatech products for supporting her wellness efforts.

“I am grateful for Mannatech’s products in so many ways,” DelSarto said. “At 52, I’m still competing at the top skill level in my sport of racquetball and people guess me to be 10-20 years younger than I am. Mannatech is a part of my vitality and health.”

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