Dr. Nugent’s Breakfast Latte and Glyconutrient Shake Recipes

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Dr. Steve Nugent, Mannatech’s Senior Global Wellness Director and Chairman of the Global Scientific Advisory Board, is the biggest fan of Mannatech products. He himself helped developed many of your favorite Mannatech supplements, and he’s tried them all.

He has a tasty morning routine to help him take his caplet-based supplements, and he’s sharing his two favorite recipes! See below for his favorite TruPLENISH recipes, and try them for yourself to make your mornings brighter.

Dr. Nugent’s Breakfast Latte Recipe

“I make a GlycoCafé latte every morning using vanilla TruPLENISH™. This looks like a coffee with half-and-half but it’s far healthier! When I make a GlycoCafé latte, I use a big cup, like the tumbler that comes in the TruHealth™ kit. Because of the thickness of the powder, an 8 oz. cup of coffee results in a beverage that’s a little too thick for my taste. I also add one scoop of Manapol® to the latte.”


  • 1 GlycoCafé slimstick
  • 1 single serve pouch or 2 scoops vanilla TruPLENISH shake
  • 1 scoop (500 mg) Manapol powder
  • Hot water

Mix together and enjoy!


Dr. Nugent’s Glyconutrient TruPLENISH Shake Recipe

“As for my Glyconutrient-packed TruPLENISH shake, I like to mix it with about 400ml of water and sometimes a splash of certified almond, coconut or organic milk. For this recipe, I prefer chocolate TruPLENISH. Then I add one scoop of Manapol and a teaspoon of Ambrotose® Complex or Advanced Ambrotose. This makes for a very thick shake because of the added Ambrotose. Once again, people can adjust the amount of liquid to fit their own taste.”


  • 1 single serve pouch or 2 scoops chocolate TruPLENISH shake
  • 1 scoop (500 mg) Manapol powder
  • 1 tsp Ambrotose Complex or Advanced Ambrotose
  • Cold water
  • Dash of almond, coconut or organic milk to taste
  • Ice if desired

Mix together and enjoy!

“My two recipes are not unusually exotic, but that’s what I like. I always use my shakes to take my Mannatech supplements as well. I hope you enjoy!”

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