'Fest 2014 Award Winners!

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These champions broke through at various levels. They are all fine examples of hard work, dedication and heart. Way to go!

JiMan Jeong, Korea – Global Business Builder of the Year

Hanson Ma, Canada – Highest Income Growth

Luciano Fidalgo, U.S. – New Business Development

Top Business Builders

  • Karen Denniss, Australia
  • Young Soo Kang & Il Ja Jung, Korea
  • Pieter & Sulani Louw, South Africa
  • EunSook Kang, Japan
  • Amy Lee Ming Ting, Taiwan
  • Evert Hoekstra & Gretha Keegstra, Europe
  • Wong Kei Wing & Tsoi Hui Tu, Hong Kong
  • Germain Vaca, Mexico

Top Enrollers

  • Randy Lee, U.S.
  • Christina Tu, Canada
  • Yueh Mei Tai, Taiwan
  • Bee Lean Ong, Hong Kong
  • Kobus & Debbie Massyn, South Africa
  • Akiko Ishibe, Japan
  • LK Phua & P S Chua, Australia
  • Sandra Galan Lotfe, Mexico
  • Stephanie & Mark Sullivan, Europe
  • Chang Gu Kang & Hae Kyung Park, Korea

Top Rookies

  • Dori Inge, U.S.
  • Sony Xu & Dr. Carry Leng, Canada
  • Raymond Henwick, South Africa
  • Hseng-Chuan Li, Hong Kong
  • Akiko Kozono, Japan
  • Alam & Sandy McCloskey, Australia
  • Victoria Jaramillo Villanueva, Mexico
  • Mandeep & Gagandeep Bhogal, Europe
  • EunSuk Lim & Dong Jin Kim, Korea

Ray Robbins Giving Spirit Award Winners

  • Lydia Stasiak, U.S.
  • Julia Zhu, Canada
  • JiMan Jung & Myongsook Park, Korea
  • Stephanie Sullivan, Europe
  • Juana Rogriguez Alba, Mexico
  • Kaori Kamewada, Japan
  • Vintzent van der Linde, South Africa
  • Robyn Sully, Australasia

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  1. Steve Hines says:

    Julia Zhu and Hanson Ma are the newest PPD’S of the Happy Team!! We celebrate your hard work!!!

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