Get Eye Support Product Video for Your Facebook Cover

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We have added the new Eye Support product Facebook cover videos in English, Chinese and Spanish to the resource library. These videos are short 24 second edits of our new Eye Support product video that are formatted specifically for use as a Facebook cover video. Once you add to your pages, the video will loop continuously, anyone visiting your Facebook page can see it.

Here is how to add or change your Facebook page’s cover video:

  1. Download the Eye Support product video to your computer.
  2. Go to your Facebook page.
  3. Click “Add a Cover or Change Cover” in the top left of your cover photo or video.
  4. Select Upload Photo/Video to upload the video from your computer.
  5. After the video has uploaded, reposition the video by clicking it and dragging it up or down, then click “Next”.
  6. Click the arrows to scroll through up to 10 thumbnail options for your cover video. The thumbnail image may be used when someone hovers over your page’s name to get more context about your page.
  7. Click “Publish”.

Make your Facebook page stand out, get the video in your preferred language and make it your page cover NOW!

English –
Chinese –
Spanish –