Good Science. Good Sense. (November)

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It might sound strange, but your gastrointestinal digestive tract (GI) is quite beautiful when it’s working properly. It breaks down food, absorbs nutrients and provides a barrier to minimize harmful substances from entering the body while efficiently eliminating waste. It’s even home to 70% of your immune system.

That is a pretty impressive juggling act.

When your digestive tract is working optimally it can support systems throughout your body leaving you feeling your best. That’s why a proactive approach to GI health is so powerful.*

Different Products for Different Parts of Your Digestion

Mannatech has a wide array of plant-based digestive support products to help you and your family get through the holidays feeling great!*

GI-ProBalance® slimsticks, GI-Defense® capsules and Liver Support each support the upper digestive tract in their own unique way, while GI-Zyme® product impacts both the upper and lower digestive tract.*

Add them to your monthly subscription to support more complete, comfortable digestive health.*

Better Digestion Begins with Healthy Balance*

You spend a lot of time helping your family fight bacteria, but not all of these little critters are bad.

Our microbiome is loaded with both harmful and beneficial bacteria, and maintaining a healthy balance is one part of our general health and well-being. The beneficial ones, known as probiotics, aid digestion throughout the upper digestive tract. Quality probiotics promote natural immune function by supporting your body’s microbiome and a healthy gut-brain axis.*


Why GI-ProBalance?

Unlike other probiotic supplements, GI-ProBalance slimsticks were crafted to nourish your gut with a blend of 8 probiotics to increase the number of good bacteria and rich prebiotic fibers to feed and nurture the probiotics for more intense health benefits.* Plus, all this power is packed in a simple-to-use, great-tasting, kid-friendly formula everyone will enjoy.


Trust — And Support — Your Gut*

The gut is the largest organ in the body that contributes to immune health. A healthy intestinal environment allows for healthy microbes to flourish which in turn provides immune support.* That’s why creating and supporting a strong, healthy gut lining is so important.*

One way to achieve this is by making sure the cells in your gut lining get the nourishment they need. That means short chain fatty acids known as butyrates are produced in your microbiome.


Why GI-Defense?

GI-Defense capsules are a hardworking, multitasking product. The formula is designed with a natural blend of sustainably sourced ingredients that have been scientifically shown to help the intestinal tract to produce additional butyrates, giving you more support for a healthy immune system.*


Love Your Liver

In the natural system of Ayurveda, digestion is considered a fundamental energy of the human body. Our liver is central to maintaining this energy and coordinating hundreds of essential functions for the body.

Like a biological mastermind, our liver controls the filtering and purifying of the blood flowing through it. At the same time, it produces hormones and simultaneously stores extra nutrients. It even removes excess proteins, damaged red blood cells and toxins.*


Why Liver Support?

Our bodies face daily challenges from the environment in our fast-paced world. Liver Support’s proprietary blend of herbs and nutrients creates a capsule packed with goodness to help our liver stay ahead of the curve.*

This product was designed for daily use to not just promote the function of the liver but support healthy nutrient levels, cellular energy production and digestive health.*


Get the Most Out of Your Meals

Even if you are eating the healthiest, organic, and nutrient-rich foods possible your body can always use additional support to optimally absorb the nutrients you need. That’s why good digestion is so important to your overall health and wellness.*

Digestive enzymes are proteins that help your body break down the food you eat, helping ensure your body absorbs the nourishment you need.


Why GI-Zyme?

Unlike most enzyme supplements, GI-Zyme® capsules offer a robust blend of quality enzymes with different pH levels designed to help process many types of foods, all throughout the different stages of digestion.*

For you, this simply means GI-Zyme supports the potential for your family to get the most nutrition out of what you provide them.*


Complete Wellness Made Simple

GI-ProBalance, GI-Defense, Liver Support and GI-Zyme are a great foundation for wellness, and Mannatech offers even more.*

To learn more about the full selection of products to support your family’s digestive health, please click the link here.*

Mission 5 Million FoundationA healthy blend of vitamins and minerals is important for children everywhere. However, many of the foods being given to those in underdeveloped countries are not meeting the minimum nutritional criteria. Your participation in the M5M program makes it possible for us and our partners to provide nutrients to enrich the lives of children all over the world.