Guest Speaker Rita Davenport Touches Hearts at MannaFest

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Speaker and author, Rita Davenport, gave a very fun and motivational presentation Friday afternoon, May 2. She had the audience laughing tears with her jokes, and while everyone was laughing, they were also learning some of life’s most important lessons!

Through her many humorous examples, she gave us a lot of ideas on how to be more successful. She reminded us about the importance of believing in ourselves, but more importantly, how to laugh and be happy!

Rita said that we all have the know-how on being successful, but we have to really acknowledge that and start working smart. She then shared an example: “A good friend of mine was a stewardess on a flight that Muhammad Ali was on. He hadn’t put on his seatbelt. So, she kindly asked him to. He replied, ‘Superman don’t need no seatbelt.’ in which she replied, ‘Superman don’t need no airplane.'”

Relive some of the other humorous moments:

“The Platinum Presidentials are Mannatech’s biggest failures. Do you know why? Because they’ve been told ‘no’ more than anyone else, yet they keep going back for more.”

“Get rid of what’s holding you back. Some of you are holding on to stuff. Well, you all need to give yourselves a mental enema. Then, go over to the commode and talk to it. Don’t let people “should” you. And, never “should” on yourselves. Get your ASK in gear. No one is above being approached in this business.”

Rita also shared some of life’s little secrets:

“Never compare yourself with someone else. How many of you know how to swim? When you were a sperm, you could swim … uphill! You didn’t let anyone stop you then. Out of my way, you said, I want to join Mannatech!”

Some more insightful takeaways from Rita:

“Whatever I am looking for is looking for me.”

“What would you say if it was the last five minutes of your life? ‘I love you.'”

One of Rita’s final remarks was, “You only get in life what you give away.” Well, she gave Mannatechers some fabulous insight that they’ll surely remember for a long time. She captivated and made us that much more stronger and smarter. And, everyone walked away with laughter in their hearts.

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  1. River says:

    I loved the two watches teaser – the cheap one _I_ can read; and then later, the expensive one _you_ can see. Ha!

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