Mannatech China: Intro to the Cross-Border E-commerce Business Model and Products

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In the coming weeks, Mannatech China^ will proudly open its doors for business, bringing some of the best health and wellness products to the families in Mainland China.

To help further explain how Mannatech will operate in China, we will be releasing frequently asked questions about our business in China. This should help you understand how you can take advantage of Mannatech’s global growth and entry into this magnificent market.

The following questions and answers address Mannatech’s cross-border e-commerce business model and products.

  • What is Mannatech’s Cross-Border E-commerce business model?
    • A number of Mannatech’s high-quality nutritional supplement products will be available in Mainland China through an ecommerce website that offers a unique online retail shopping experience at:
  • Why is Mannatech selling through this method and not as a direct seller as it does in other parts of the world?
    • The cross-border e-commerce business model is in compliance with all governmental regulations and local business customs that complies with the CFDA registration requirements. The ecommerce site is part of a number of new initiatives underway that will allow Mannatech to better serve the needs of the Chinese community globally.
  • When will Mannatech launch its e-commerce site?
    • We will launch our e-commerce site for testing on December 5, 2016, with a full opening during the following weeks.
  • Who can buy Mannatech products in China?
    • A customer—a person who signs up on Mannatech China’s e-commerce site.
  • What is required to set up an e-commerce account?
    • Registering an e-commerce account will require name, address, telephone, government ID number and an Invitation ID. In China, a government ID is not required for e-commerce purchase, but required for cross-border e-commerce purchase to go through the customs.
  • After Mannatech begins selling via e-commerce, how can customers buy products in China?
    • A customer creates his account, enters the Invitation ID (referring customer’s e-commerce ID) and places his e-commerce order.
    • Products stored and shipped within the region save customers’ time and money (3-5 days for delivery).
    • Individual customers who refer other customers can receive a 10% referral rewards of the total order amount on their referring customers’ first purchases (shipping and tax excluded).
    • Registered business customers can receive 10% recurring referral rewards of the total order amount on their referring customers’ purchases (shipping and tax excluded).
  • Are Mannatech’s products approved to be sold in China?
    • Our products are approved to be sold in China through cross-border e-commerce under personal consumption model. Mannatech will always comply with the policies to ensure we operate within the laws of China.
  • If I have an account, do I have to purchase something every month?
    • No, you can purchase whenever you wish to purchase.
  • What Mannatech products will be available in China through the e-commerce website?
    • Advanced Ambrotose 120g (item #33288)
    • Ambrotose AO 60 Capsules (item #12788)
    • Omega-3 with Vitamin D3 (item #16688)
    • GI-ProBalance (item #36288)
    • NutriVerus (item #34388)
    • Optimal Support Packets (item #19888)
    • PLUS (item #11188)
    • PhytoMatrix (item #11288)
    • MannaBears (item #13588)
    • OsoLean (item #22088)
    • BounceBack (item #23088)
    • TruPLENISH Shake (Vanilla) (item #16388)
    • TruPLENISH Shake (Chocolate) (item #16288)
    • TruPURE Slimsticks (item #16588)
    • TruSHAPE Capsules (item #16088)
    • Manapol (item #15688)

 Will Mannatech introduce its other products at a later time?

    • Yes, we will continue to add more products to the e-commerce platform including our skincare and essential oils products.

 Will packs, combos, convenience kits be available via e-commerce?

    • There will be some packages with products for specific purposes (general wellness kit, fat loss kit, etc.)
  • Will Mannatech’s e-commerce products be available for resale?
    • At current phase, products sold through cross-border e-commerce will not be available for resale. These will be considered personal use only. As Mannatech grows its business in China, more of its products will be registered for resale.
  • Has Mannatech obtained any patents in China?
    • Yes, Mannatech has one patent issued for Ambrotose AO formulation in China.
  • Where can customers in China get more product information?
  • Who can be contacted in China for more information?
    • Local China Support Team: 400-828-1010 or
    • If you are outside of China, please contact your local customer service department for more information about Mannatech in China.
    • Mannatech China can also be found via WeChat, search: 美泰日用保健品 for the company WeChat store.


^ Mannatech’s cross-border ecommerce model in China is a different opportunity from Mannatech’s MLM business in other markets. Our cross-border ecommerce model in China is not a MLM or direct selling business.