Mannatech® China: What You Need to Know About Reward Credits

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With the opening of Mannatech China^ some of the best health and wellness products are now available to families in Mainland China via its cross-border e-commerce website,

To help further explain how Mannatech is operating in China, we have released frequently asked questions about our business in China. This should help you understand how you can take advantage of Mannatech’s global growth and entry into this magnificent market.

The following questions and answers address Mannatech’s cross-border e-commerce business model, specifically, how reward credits work.

  • What is a Reward Credit?
    • These are rewards equal to ten percent (10%) of the value purchased by your referring customer(s). If you wish to receive ongoing rewards for orders after the first order, a registered company in China must be setup and the registration information communicated to Mannatech China (Meitai) so that you can become a registered business customer.
  • How will I get my reward credits?
    • Reward credits will automatically be credited to your e-commerce account when your referring customers place their first orders (or all orders if you are a registered business customer).
  • How do I use my reward credits?
    • For individual customers, reward credits can be used to purchase product. For registered business customers in China, reward credits can be used to purchase product or redeemed for cash. Your reward balance can be used to pay for your next order of products.
  • Can I exchange my rewards for cash?
    • As an individual, you cannot exchange rewards for cash. If you are a registered business customer, you must submit an invoice to Mannatech China for the reward value. Rewards can be redeemed to cash only when the total reward value you plan to redeem is more than 200 RMB.
  • Is there an expiration date on my rewards?
    • Rewards expire after six (6) months from the date they are activated (not from the date they are issued). If you do not use or redeem your rewards by expiration date, you will automatically forfeit any and all reward(s) expired and all rights associated therein.
  • Where can customers in China get more product information?
  • Who can be contacted in China for more information?
    • Local China Support Team: 400-828-1010 or
    • If you are outside of China, please contact your local customer service department for more information about Mannatech in China.
    • Mannatech China can also be found via WeChat, search: 美泰日用保健品 for the company WeChat store.

^ Mannatech’s cross-border ecommerce model in China is a different opportunity from Mannatech’s MLM business in other markets. Our cross-border ecommerce model in China is not a MLM or direct selling business.