Million Dollar Club: Punching the Clock for the Last Time

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Name: Shelene Van Wyk
Rank: Million Dollar Club, Silver Presidential Director
Location: Omaha, Nebraska (USA)

Shelene Van Wyk was doing what so many people do. Working at an hourly job that had few rewards beyond a paycheck. In this case, she worked as a telemarketer, a thankless job with very little opportunity to grow beyond a call center.

Shelene Van WykBut Van Wyk had an ace in the hole. She and her late husband, Lloyd, had joined Mannatech and were rising steadily through the ranks. The day they reached Presidential Director level, Lloyd surprised Van Wyk at work.

“When we hit Presidential, my wonderful husband picked me up in a limo, and it was the last day I would ever punch a clock there again,”* said Shelene. “Lloyd worked every day for two years to get us to Presidential. Then we traveled for five years telling everyone. I thank the Lord every day for that!”

Before Van Wyk could start traveling the world they needed to find their way to Mannatech. Fortunately for them, their friends Gary and Karen Hilt, brought them to Mannatech. The Hilts knew that Shelene and her husband were looking for ways to improve their health and start their own business. But even then, joining Mannatech came as a bit of a surprise.

“I didn’t decide to join. Lloyd, took me to a meeting where I found out that he had joined as an All-Star earlier that day,” Shelene said. “We found the best thing about Mannatech  is the products. Joining Mannatech has affected my life in so many ways. We developed some very amazing, lifelong friendships and got to travel to so many places!”

Today, Van Wyk has earned enough from her association with Mannatech to become a member of Mannatech’s Million Dollar Club.* She said that to reach that level, they needed to create a strong organization, but what it took to build a large organization was very rewarding and created life long relationships.

“Our biggest accomplishment at Mannatech was actually building a large group,” said Shelene. “It was natural, easy and so much fun.”

Van Wyk has continued to move forward after the passing of Lloyd, but she draws strength from the friendships she has made because of Mannatech and the support of her family. Most of all, she is lifted up by the legacy her husband provided for her.

“Almost three years ago Lloyd went home to the Lord. He left me a huge blessing; it’s called ‘Mannatech,’” she said.

*The earnings indicated is not necessarily representative of what you may earn or achieve. Your individual earnings as an Associate are strictly dependent upon your respective area, skills and effort. Mannatech makes no guarantee of earnings.

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