New Leadership Reward Program Coming Soon

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Mannatech has promoted an iPad and/or Apple gift card program for many years and we believe we can provide a more enticing program. We will be working with the North America Strategy and Planning Team to explore new ideas to motivate and reward Leadership attainment.

Meanwhile, new Associates who enrolled prior to June 30, 2019 and achieve the Executive Director Leadership level in the three months following their enrollment month will still earn an Apple E-Gift Card.
Canadian Associates will earn an Apple E-Gift Card for $600 CAD and Associates in the United States will earn an Apple E-Gift Card for $450 USD (currency conversion). For example: if an Associate enrolled in June 2019, the Associate has July, August and September to achieve Executive Director and earn an Apple E-Gift Card.

Associates enrolled after June 30, 2019 will be in our new Leadership reward program and get exciting new rewards when meet certain requirements. Stay tuned for more information.