Success Story: Gold Presidential Director Rescued by Mannatech After Business Collapse

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Name: Jae Hoon Bae

Rank: Gold Presidential Director, Million Dollar Club Member

Location: Korea


What do you do when success with Mannatech has given you the freedom you have been seeking your entire life? You learn to play the ukulele.

At least that is what Jae Hoon Bae, a Gold Presidential Director in Korea and member of Mannatech’s Million Dollar Club, did. She learned ukulele and polished up her golf game. She has that kind of time and independence, thanks to Mannatech.¹

“I play the ukulele or golf, which I didn’t have time to enjoy before finding success with Mannatech,” said Jae Hoon. “I also enjoy meeting old friends who I haven’t seen for a long time. Mannatech revived and reunited our family, enabled us to live together as a family and completely changed our lives.”¹

When Jae Hoon and her husband found Mannatech, it couldn’t have come at a better time. In 2006, her family was in need of transformation. Fortunately, Jae Hoon’s sister was already in Mannatech and introduced her to the company’s opportunity.

“We initially signed up to earn a little bit of extra income to make ends meet in 2006 when my business went bankrupt and we were facing financial challenges,” said Jae Hoon. “What we get from Mannatech is not only additional income, but our future income, the income that we need to survive financially. I am proud of the network I have built and the products I have sold from Mannatech, and that I have endured despite the tough challenges I had at the beginning.  I am so proud to see people in my group, who started like me, who have transformed their lives.”¹

Jae Hoon’s business includes several members of her family including her sister, her sister’s husband, her brother and her brother’s wife, who are also Bronze Presidential Directors. She said that her family’s support along with the industry-leading products Mannatech provides has given her the tools needed to succeed.

“Mannatech’s outstanding products have helped me reach this level. Mannatech also has a great marketing plan, and my family’s support gave me the strength to persevere during tough times,” Jae Hoon said. “We tell everyone that Mannatech has the best products to help address inadequacies in our diet and irregular eating habits. More than any other product, Mannatech provides quick and satisfactory results which leads to the quick building of a sustainable organization.”*

As she and her husband continue to build an organization that has led her to the Million Dollar Club, she wants to continue expanding in order to bring the positive benefits that Mannatech products deliver to as many people as possible.*

“By improving their wellness, everyone enjoys a better lifestyle.* Because we all need Mannatech products, our mission is to introduce to everyone the best of the best wellness products that only Mannatech has,” Jae Hoon said.

In the meantime, she is able to enjoy the independence and freedom that Mannatech has enabled and take time to enjoy and relax with her ukulele.¹

“I hope that many people will be able to transform their life and live their dreams through Mannatech,” Jae Hoon said.

The Million Dollar Club consists of individual Associates who have earned income equal to or greater than one million dollars cumulatively since building the business with Mannatech.

¹Personal testimonials reflect individual experiences of Mannatech Associates. Mannatech does not guarantee the amount of income or incentive rewards, if any, that an Associate participating in the Mannatech business will generate. As with any business, each Associate’s business results may vary and will be based on, among other factors, the Associate’s effort and skill, the customer base available to him or her, and the time devoted to the business. Please visit to learn more about Mannatech and building a Mannatech business. Please view the Mannatech Career and Compensation Plan at and the Income Averages Statement at