Trip of a Lifetime Qualifiers! (中文)

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27 Qualifying Positions from five different countries will be embarking on Mannatech’s Trip of a Lifetime this July!

We searched the world for a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience to recognize and lavishly reward our top leaders. These Qualifiers will enjoy this elite, all-inclusive experience with the highest levels of luxury, starting in Venice, with ports-of-call in Croatia, Montenegro, and five ports in Greece, including historic Athens!*

Our most sincere congratulations to our global leaders for their success in maintaining Gold Presidential (or higher) and growing their businesses by 10% or more during the qualification period:





Xiao Xu Li (Hedy) and Gary Gao Canada
Julia Zhu and Tony Bao Canada
Hanson Ma and Carol Geng Canada
Wen Xia Liu and (Alicia) Liqin Shen Canada
Shaolan Gong and Tony Tu Canada
Germain Vaca Rodriguez Mexico
Sue Dong and Justin Feng USA
Ray and Dianna Robbins USA
Luciano Fidalgo USA
Howard Forkash USA
Donald and Sherri Partridge USA
Johanna Gil-Bala USA
John Peter and Bertha Koster South Africa
Leone and Louis van der Linde South Africa
Vintzent and Yolande van der Linde South Africa
No Hyeonmee Korea
Yu Hie Sung Korea
Park Insook Korea
Park Haekyung Korea
Lee Myonjin Korea
Lim Eunsuk Korea
Park Koog Il Korea
An Sungwoo Korea
Kang Young Su Korea
Kim Soo Kyung Korea
Jung Ji Man Korea
Je Haengjung Korea

We’ll see you in Venice, Italy as we begin our fabulous seven-day cruise!

*The earnings and lifestyle indicated are not necessarily representative of what you may earn or achieve. Your individual earnings and lifestyle as an Associate are strictly dependent upon your respective area, skills, and effort. Mannatech makes no guarantee of earnings or lifestyle.


*所显示的收入和生活方式不一定代表您可能获得或实现的收益。作为经销商,您的个人收入和生活方式取决于您所在的领域、技能和努力。 美泰不保证收入或生活方式。