Watch This Video to See How Your Efforts Help Change Lives Around the World

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The M5MSM Foundation is one of Mannatech’s proudest endeavors, mainly because this is something that YOU, our dedicated business builders and loyal customers, value and desire. Together we are a trio that helps combat global malnutrition by providing food-sourced supplements to children in need.

Every purchase of Mannatech products triggers a donation to the M5M Foundation. In fact, for every $100 that you or your customers spend on Mannatech products, a child receives nourishment for one month.

Watch the newest video that demonstrates the impact of the M5M Foundation, explains our partnership with them and shows how you can be a superhero too.

Take part in making a difference. Visit to learn more about our heart behind nourishing children, and visit the M5M Foundation website if you’d like to give a direct donation.