Young Soccer Star Embraces Mannatech’s Mission

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“The clean and natural products leave me feeling energized and healthy.”*

Young Soccer Star Embraces Mannatech’s Mission

Joel Waterman is not your average young adult. He made history as the first ever soccer player from the Canadian Premier League to be sold to Montreal Impact in the Major League Soccer club, and at age 24, he’s showing enormous potential in the sport.

Playing since the age of 5, his mother was a huge influence as his first coach. “I grew up playing soccer with both my parents and brother and sister,” smiles Joel. Now he’s a well-known athlete and his Aunt, a Mannatech Associate, talked him into trying the products.

“My Aunti Kristi swears by Mannatech and talks about how the company helps others — she kept asking me to try them,” says Joel, “I was skeptical at first, but now that I’m taking the products on a consistent basis, I feel more energetic and healthier.”*

“I like the science and knowledge behind the products, and especially the company’s message for helping others through M5M®.”

Joel’s regimen includes:

  • Ambrotose LIFE®
  • OSP
  • Omega-3 with Vitamin D3
  • TruPLENISH Nutritional Shake
  • Ambrotose® Complex
  • EMPACT+™
  • FIRM with Ambrotose®
  • Emprizone®

 “Once people see how good the products are and how the company nourishes hope, how could they not want to try their products? — I highly recommend them.” says Joel.