Actress and Movie Star Reveals Her 3 Secrets to Youthful-Looking Skin

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A Morning Routine for Beautiful Skin throughout the Day


In a new video, Venezuelan actress, movie star and Mannatech Associate, Riczabeth Sobalvarro, has revealed her three secrets to keeping her skin looking great every morning.

Her three secrets coincide with Mannatech’s Generation Ūth™ Skincare System. First, she exfoliates the skin with the Ūth Cleanser to remove any dead skin cells, which leaves her face feeling smooth and polished. Next, she uses the Ūth Rejuvenation Crème to provide firmness, radiance and luminosity. Lastly, Sobalvarro uses the Ūth Moisturizer to keep her skin hydrated throughout the day.

Between working on the set of an upcoming Colombian TV series and running her own businesses, Sobalvarro understands the importance of a consistent morning skin regimen. She has to ensure her skincare system keeps her skin looking beautiful and young, so she relies dependently on Generation Ūth.

Check out Sobalvarro’s new video below, which is in Spanish. The English translation can be found under the video. Be sure to share this video with your friends and ask them to try Generation Ūth today! Don’t forget to enter the 90 Days to Ūth photo contest.

Hello, this is Riczabeth.

In order to have healthy skin we always have to take care of our bodies, both inside and outside. This happens for me after taking the great Mannatech supplements, and also by washing my face thoroughly every morning with Generation Ūth Cleanser. Then, I put on my Generation Ūth Rejuvenation Crème, which leaves my skin feeling rejuvenated and fabulous. Then I follow up with Generation Ūth Moisturizer.

Since I am an actress and wear a lot of makeup, I follow this every morning. These are my three secrets to have the best skin during the day.

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