Breakthrough Video: Pieter and Sulani Louw

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We recently shared so many stories at MannaFest 2014. We established our theme for the year as “Breakthrough.” Regardless of the topic of the stories we share, whether focused on the products, the business, the mission – whatever – they always have something to do with a breakthrough for that person.

Each week, we’ll be spotlighting one of these stories here at These stories are too big, too important to share only at MannaFest. These are stories the world needs to hear. And that’s how you can help. Here are some easy steps you can take to share these breakthroughs:

  • Copy and paste this link on Facebook (and add a comment about your favorite part)
  • “Like” and leave a comment on YouTube (direct link)
  • Include it in your next email to your Mannatech team.

In this specific Breakthrough video, Pieter and Sulani Louw share some of the details of their Mannatech journey. Here are some highlights:

  • How losing a pro sports contract led them to Mannatech
  • How they went to the Executive Level within their first six months
  • The importance of leadership development and following the system
  • How they hit Bronze Presidential on a Saturday, and then Silver the following Monday!

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