From Stressed Single Mom to Enjoying the Million-Dollar Lifestyle

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Name: Karen Denniss
Rank: Million Dollar Club^, Bronze Presidential Director
Location: Australia

Karen Denniss, a retired nurse and single mom of four, found herself working three jobs to support her family. With no savings, she felt her future was not very bright. As she learned about the Mannatech opportunity and glyconutrient technology, she saw it as a way to create a stable financial foundation for herself and family.

Her first exposure to Mannatech was through information on the company’s glyconutrient technology. Once she understood how Mannatech products help support overall wellness,* she was sold. She wanted to make sure those around her had the opportunity to use Mannatech products and improve their lives too. She used that as motivation to get her Mannatech career started with a bang.

“Becoming a Presidential Director with Mannatech after two years and four months has been my biggest achievement. It totally changed my life for the better. It gave me new choices!” said Karen.

After taking Mannatech’s products, Karen said she felt many significant improvements in the way she was feeling, including better sleep, improved moods, increased energy and better mental clarity.* After feeling and seeing results from Mannatech’s products, she decided this would be her life’s work.

She is able to travel to London to visit her youngest daughter regularly, and she has been able to afford many more wonderful holidays and travel.^ Karen has also been able to help her children with her time, money and Mannatech products, which she could never have done previously.

“I have been able to purchase my own beautiful home in the country, which is where I always wanted to live. I was also able to buy a BMW which I love to drive, and I recently upgraded to a newer one which is ideal for the amount of travel I do,”^ said Karen.

She was drawn to the Mannatech opportunity based on the concept of freedom. She believes her business is a true, free enterprise where she can earn according to the effort she puts in.

“I could see that as I became better at helping others, my life would improve,” said Karen. “What an ideal business!”

She spends most of her time building her Mannatech business, but in her free time she loves to garden. She also enjoys reading novels and personal development material. She has four children and four grandchildren who she adores and loves to spend time with.

Karen lives in the small town of Nanango, located in the state of Queensland in Australia.

Avalon & I

Karen with her youngest daughter, Avalon.


Karen with her son, Cameron, at a monthly training meeting in Brisbane.

Karen & Natasha Mastermind Orlando

Natasha Collins, Senior National Director, and Karen Denniss at the Network Marketing Mastermind meeting in Orlando.


Karen with her parents, Marjorie and Keith Smith, Mannatech Presidential Directors. Also pictured is her son, Ashley, and daughter-in-law, Mauna.

^The lifestyle indicated is not necessarily representative of what you may earn or achieve. Your individual earnings as an Associate are strictly dependent upon your respective area, skills and effort. Mannatech makes no guarantee of lifestyle or earnings.

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