Introducing Product Training Sheets in Resource Library!

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Get access to our full collection featuring unique information to educate and help you sell such as who is the target consumer, what makes the product unique or fun facts to support the formula.

We are excited to announce the introduction of our new Mannatech Product Training Sheets located in the Resource Library!

Get the Details You Need… All In One Place

The new Product Training Sheets help simplify the learning curve about Mannatech products by gathering the most important and beneficial information in one easy to read tool. There is one document for each individual product in the Mannatech lineup as well as each system.

Product Training Sheets: All-in-One Info Tool

Easy, convenient and compliant. One location to find all the product details. 

  • Learn About All the Products…Fast – They can be great refreshers for our older products as well as an opportunity to gain a stronger understanding of our newer products and how they work together.
  • Simple to Share – Easy to download, print, or you can send the link
  • Talking Points for Presentations – These info nuggets can be used to put together presentations and emails.
  • Great Conversation Starter Topics – They provide fun facts, statistics and unique information that can be great conversation starters.
  • Answers Your Top Questions – We answer the questions like who the ideal candidate for each product for is, what makes it unique, what the product is NOT, top FAQs and what is the cost per daily dose.

How to Get Started

Product Training Sheet Example

  • At the top left, you will see the name of the product and accompanying SKU.
  • Section #1: PRODUCT BASICS – Here you will find:
    • General description of the product
    • Benefits and Features
    • Supporting Information – Fun facts about ingredients or statistics about the product
  • Section #2: WHAT MAKES THIS PRODUCT SPECIAL – Here you will find:
    • Point of convenience – Is there is a benefit to how the product is packaged?
    • Who is it for? – A description of the target consumer
    • What makes the product unique?
    • Top FAQs about the product
    • Usage Directions
    • Includes Associate pricing and price per dose
    • Supplement Panel

Access Product Sheets to Expand Your Knowledge!

These sheets can be downloaded or printed so they can be referenced quickly as your compliant go-to for product knowledge.

Helpful tip: Print and add to a binder to keep at your desk so that you can reference when on calls with prospects or when preparing your next social post.

Item # Product Product Sheet
37001 Advanced Ambrotose® caps
12701 Ambrotose AO®
35101 Ambrotose complex caps
37101 Ambrotose complex powder
51701 & 51101 Ambrotose LIFE™
23001 BounceBack®
10401 CardioBALANCE®
56201 Catalyst™ Multivitamin
11701 EMPACT+® Performance Drink Mix
17101 Emprizone®
16701 Eye Support
13101 FIRM with Ambrotose®
30301 GI-Biome System
18301 GinMAX®
18501 GlycoCafé®
12301 ImmunoSTART®
15601 Manapol®
13501 MannaBears™
35801 MannaBOOM®
36101 MannaCLEANSE™
39101 Manna-C™
51901 Men’s PRIME 7™
48501 GI-Defense
18601 GI-ProBalance®
38801 GI-Zyme®
34301 NutriVerus™
16601 Omega-3 with Vitamin D3
22101 OsoLean®
15101 Phyt•Aloe®
11201 PhytoMatrix®
11101 PLUS™
58401 Sleep Support
12101 SPORT™
TruHealth System
16201 & 51501 TruPLENISH™ Nutritional Shake (Vanilla)
16501 TruPURE®  Cleanse Slimsticks
16001 TruSHAPE™ Fat-Loss Capsules
Uth System
42301 Uth®  Facial Cleanser
42001 Uth®  Moisturizer
23401 Uth®  Skin Rejuvenation Crème