Mannatech Brings Highest Grade Aloe Product in the World to China (+中文)

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Mannatech, which provides top-quality nutritional supplements for families in China through its website, recently launched its most legendary ingredient, Manapol® powder, to the e-commerce site. Manapol is the highest quality aloe vera gel extract in the world.

For more than 20 years, Manapol powder has been an essential ingredient in other Mannatech products. Mannatech’s Advanced Ambrotose® product and Ambrotose® complex are among the company’s top-selling products containing the aloe gel extract, and are known for their cognitive, immune and gastrointestinal benefits as well as cellular communication support.

Manapol powder is a pure, premium, 100 percent aloe vera gel extract that is abundant in acetylated, mannose-rich polysaccharides, or acemannans. The acemannans in Manapol powder have a guaranteed molecular weight of more than one million Daltons, testing the highest of any other aloe gel extract. As the most cutting-edge Glyconutritional product available, Manapol powder supports cellular communication and may provide gastrointestinal benefits.

Mannatech developed Manapol with families in mind. The powder is uniquely designed to help support a healthy immune system, helping to keep it strong over time.

Mannatech takes extraordinary steps to provide its customers with real, beneficial aloe vera-based products. This includes transparency down to the plant in the ground. A big part of the transparency promise Mannatech makes is tied to the technology and supply Mannatech has painstakingly developed through the years. For example, recently Mannatech announced it has secured its continuing source of premium Manapol powder with an exclusive deal with Natural Aloe Costa Rica.

Since its founding, Mannatech has invested more than $50 million in research and development that includes a clinical testing program for its nutritional technology. In fact, Mannatech’s product technology has been the subject of 17 human clinical trials that have been published, 12 of which were double-blind, placebo-controlled studies—the gold standard for product validation. With Mannatech’s rigorous testing and quality controls, its products are known for their effectiveness at supporting the health and wellness of families around the world.

For more information about Mannatech and its products, please visit †^

†Customers who invite other customers to the Mannatech China cross border e-commerce site gain rewards for future product purchases or cash redemption. The e-commerce business model is not multi-level marketing or direct selling.

^Mannatech’s cross-border e-commerce model in China is a different opportunity from Mannatech’s MLM business in other markets. Our cross-border e-commerce model in China is not an MLM or direct selling business.


美泰(Mannatech®, Incorporated)通过其网站www.meitaichina.com向中国家庭提供顶级品质的营养补剂,该公司最近在电子商务网站上市其最具传奇性的成分Manapol®粉,这是世界最高品质的真芦荟胶萃取物。

20多年来,Manapol粉一直是其他美泰产品的基本成分。美泰的Advanced Ambrotose®产品及Ambrotose® complex是公司最畅销的含有这种真芦荟胶萃取物的产品,以其对认知、免疫、胃肠道的效益及细胞沟通支持而著称。



美泰采取特别的步骤向客户提供真实、有益的真芦荟产品。这包括一直到土壤中植物的透明性。美泰所做的透明性承诺的一大部分涉及美泰多年来辛勤开发的技术和原料。例如,最近美泰宣布,已经与Natural Aloe Costa Rica达成独家交易,以确保其高品质Manapol粉的持续货源。