Mannatech Celebrates New 2-Star Platinum Presidentials: Julia Zhu and Tony Bao (中文)

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Two of Mannatech’s brightest stars are one step closer to their ultimate goal of becoming Crown Platinum Ambassadors!

Julia Zhu and Tony Bao recently achieved 2-Star Platinum Presidential and sat down with Mannatech to discuss their journey, their successes and the goals they are still chasing.

Question #1: How does it feel to achieve 2-Star Platinum Presidential?

Julia & Tony: We feel very excited about it, absolutely, but at the same time it feels very normal to be where we are now, because our ultimate goal is to achieve the level of Crown Platinum Ambassadors.  It’s wonderful to be at the 2-Star Platinum Presidential level, and it is evidence of the wonderful team we have built. We are enjoying the new level and hope to advance again very soon.

Question #2: What does this level of success mean to the two of you as a couple?

Julia & Tony: As a couple, we are really enjoying the freedom of time and the freedom from financial worries.^ We’re in a better place together than we even hoped for. We are enjoying the best relationship we have ever had together. We are communicating with each other better than ever, and we really feel happy. It is a joy to work together like this on our business.

Question #3: Has the new compensation plan helped to accelerate your journey to 2-Star Platinum Presidential?

Julia & Tony: Yes, there’s no question about it. Compared to the previous compensation plan, the new plan is much better. The new compensation plan gave us new goals to reach for and certainly helped us achieve 2-Star Platinum even faster.

Question #4: How long have you been Mannatech Associates?

Julia & Tony: 11 wonderful years now.

Question #5: What advice would you give to a new Mannatech Associate who wants to achieve similar success as you have?

Julia & Tony: Never give up and always make time to learn! If you really want to succeed with Mannatech, you can learn every skill you need. Of course, it takes time and effort, but the payoff is more than worth the time and effort you invest in building your Mannatech business. Set your goals and never give up.

All of us at Mannatech honor and appreciate the success that Julia Zhu and Tony Bao have achieved, and we wish them well as they continue on their journey to becoming Crown Presidential Ambassadors.

^The earnings or lifestyle indicated are not necessarily representative of what you may earn or achieve. Your individual earnings and lifestyle as an Associate are strictly dependent upon your respective area, skills, and effort. Mannatech makes no guarantee of earnings or lifestyle.


Julia Zhu 和 Tony Bao 最近实现了成为二星白金总裁总监的目标,他们与美泰坐在一起谈起了他们的经历、取得的成功以及仍在不断追求的目标。

问题 1成为二星白金总裁总监后的感觉如何?

Julia Tony我们当然感到非常高兴,不过我们同时也觉得现在的地位很稀松平常,因为我们的最终目标是成为皇冠白金大使。成为二星白金总裁总监感觉很美妙,这证明我们建立了一支非常优秀的团队。我们很享受达到这个新级别的乐趣,并且希望很快取得新的

问题 2这个级别的成功对于你们夫妇二人意味着什么?

Julia Tony作为伴侣,我们真正享有了时间上的自由,而且不必为经济问题担忧。我们相处得比我们希望的还要好。我们非常享受这种前所未有的融洽关系。我们之间的交流前所未有的顺畅,我们真的感到很幸福。像我们这样共同致力于一项事业的确是一件乐事。

问题 3新的奖励计划是否帮助你们加快了成为二星白金总裁总监的步伐?

Julia Tony当然,这一点毋庸置疑。与以前的奖励计划相比,新奖励计划具有更多优势。新奖励计划为我们提供了新的努力目标,当然也帮助我们更快地达到了二星白金领导级别。

问题 4你们成为美泰经销商有多长时间了?

Julia Tony到现在为止已度过了精彩纷呈的 11 年。

问题 5对于希望取得像你们一样成功的美泰新经销商,你们有何建议呢?

Julia Tony永不放弃,抓紧时间不断学习!如果真想在美泰取得成功,可以学习所需的每项技能。当然,这需要付出时间和努力,不过回报肯定会超过您在发展美泰业务上投入的时间和精力的价值。设定目标并且永不放弃。

美泰全体同仁均以 Julia Zhu 和 Tony Bao 取得的成功为荣,并对他们取得的成功表示赞赏,祝愿他们在继续向皇冠总裁大使迈进的道路上一帆风顺。


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