Mannatech Honors New Members of the Million Dollar Club: Liqin Shen & Alicia Liu (中文)

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Mannatech’s elite Million Dollar Club* has welcomed two new members: Liqin Shen and Alicia Liu.

The Million Dollar Club recognizes over 200 members from all around the world who have achieved this illustrious milestone. This recognition not only celebrates monetary achievement, but the many lives that have been transformed because of their hard work.

Liqin Shen and Alicia Liu discovered Mannatech after emigrating from China to Canada in 2009.

“We were looking for high-quality nutritional supplements for our family, and just at that moment, my upline Mr. Hanson Ma introduced Manantech to us,” said Liqin. “After watching a video about the experience of sharing Mannatech, plus Hanson had been met with us three times, we were so impressed that we began to learn more about the importance of the Glyconutrients used by Mannatech in the development of their supplements. With my previous government work in China, my engineering background and my experience in running my own business, I immediately recognized the exceptional opportunity presented by Mannatech.”

“Mr. Hanson Ma, an outstanding professional and network marketer with a tremendous amount of wisdom, shared with my wife and me his own experience with 21 other multilevel marketing companies. After reviewing his research, we realized that Mannatech was the best company to work with because of the technologies used in the development of their products,” said Liqin.

“As a result of Mr. Ma’s encouragement and my own research, we believed that Mannatech was the dream career and the business I was looking for. At that moment, we made the commitment to work full-time with Mannatech. We were the first full-time Chinese Associates!”

“Even so, our start was not an easy one. Every day, we invited friends and presented Mannatech’s products. Yet all six prospects with whom we met declined us or rejected us with contempt. But I did not take it as failure; I regarded it as practice. I realized that understanding their needs is much more important than what we can offer. It was not until the seventh prospect that I finally understood his needs for health and shared with him what he needed. He became my first customer.”

Since earning that first customer eight years ago, Liqin and Alicia have grown their business significantly and have now earned more than $1,000,000 total.

“We are so grateful to have Dr. Steven Hines as our instructor, who helped us set up our system with his wisdom and virtues. We are also grateful for Dr. Susan Sun’s love and generous guidance that leads us Chinese to health. We also owe our gratitude to Angela Manuel, our General Manager of Canada who started to support our team when it was tiny. She cared and witnessed our growth.”

“As for ourselves today, we enjoy the financial benefits Mannatech provides us. We feel that our efforts are recognized and we are growing. Meanwhile, our family is blessed. My wife has always been my business partner. Our son witnesses our experience. Nothing is more exciting than the fact that husband and wife can understand the same language, seek the same success and grow together. We now enjoy so much of the financial benefits and of the lifestyle which comes with it. Nothing is more exciting than a life full of hope and anticipation.”

“We are now striving to rank up to 2-Star Platinum, with our ultimate goal being Crown Presidential Ambassador.”

* The Million Dollar Club consists of individual Associates who have earned income equal to or greater than one million dollars cumulatively since building the business with Mannatech.

Mannatech does not guarantee the amount of income or incentive rewards, if any, that an Associate participating in the Mannatech business will generate. As with any business, each Associate’s business results may vary and will be based on, among other factors, the Associate’s effort and skill, the customer base available to him or her, and the time devoted to the business. Please visit to learn more about Mannatech and building a Mannatech business. Please view the Mannatech Career and Compensation Plan and Income Averages.

汇聚美泰精英的百万美元俱乐部*迎来两位新成员:Liqin Shen 和 Alicia Liu。

百万美元俱乐部认可的成员超过 200 人,他们来自世界各地,而且都跨越了这个辉煌的里程碑。这种认可不仅是对他们取得的可观收入的庆祝,同时也是对他们通过辛勤工作改变如此众多人们的生活的褒奖。

Liqin Shen 和 Alicia Liu 都是在 2009 年从中国移民到加拿大之后发现美泰的。

Liqin 表示:“当时,我们正在为我们的家庭寻找高品质的营养补充剂,也正是那时,我的上线 Hanson Ma 先生向我们推荐了美泰产品。在观看了分享美泰的体验视频且 Hanson 与我们会面三次之后,我们被深深打动了,开始更多地了解美泰在开发营养补充剂过程中使用的醣质营养素的重要作用。凭借我以前在中国政府部门工作的经历、我的工程师背景以及我经营自己企业的经验,我立即意识到美泰提供的机会千载难逢。”

Liqin 表示:“Hanson Ma 先生是杰出的专业人士,同时也是睿智的多层次营销员,他向我和我妻子分享了他自己在其他 21 家多层次营销公司的工作经历。在对他的调查结论进行一番分析之后,我们认识到美泰是最佳合作对象,因为该公司在开发产品时使用了与众不同的技术。

因此在 Ma 先生的鼓励下并经过我自己调查,我们认为美泰是我一直梦想的职业和业务。正是在那一刻,我们决定全身心投入到美泰事业之中。我们成为首批全职华人经销商!”


自从八年前赢得这位顾客起,Liqin 和 Alicia 的业务取得了突飞猛进的发展,到目前为止赚取的收入总计已超 100 万美元。

“我们非常感谢 Steven Hines 博士的指导,他利用自己的智慧和长处帮助我们建立了我们的体系。我们也要感谢 Susan Sun 博士的爱心和无私指导,引导我们华人进入健康领域。我们还要向我们的加拿大总经理 Angela Manuel 表示感谢,她在我们的团队还很弱小时就开始提供支持。她关照并见证了我们的成长。”



* 百万美元俱乐部由自与美泰建立业务关系起赚取的收入累计达到或超过 100 万美元的个体经销商组成。

美泰并不能保证参与美泰业务的经销商都将获得期望的收入或奖励。每位经销商的业务成果可能各不相同,除了其他因素之外,主要取决于经销商的努力程度和所具备的技能、可供开发的客户群,以及在业务上投入的时间多寡,这与开展其他任何业务一样。请访问 详细了解美泰公司以及如何开展美泰业务。请查看 中的《美泰事业和奖励计划》以及 中的《平均收入报表》。