Mannatech Honors Our Military with New Program

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To honor and celebrate the contributions and sacrifices of the men and women who are part of our armed forces, Mannatech invites active-duty or retired United States and Canadian service members to enroll as an Associate free of charge. These personnel include:

  • Weekend Military Service
  • Reserves
  • National Guard
  • Active Guard/Reserves
  • Individual Reserve and Veterans

To learn more or sign up, simply call 800.516.4717 or email

In recognition of your service, we also encourage you to send a photograph of yourself (in military uniform if possible) by November 8, 2019 to for us to recognize you on our website. Please include your name, branch of military and rank, and years of service.

Remembrance Day is November 11. We invite you and your families to join us for a special TNL on November 12 at 7:30 PM, hosted from the Corporate Office or join the live event at:

Military Personnel: Any person desiring Independent Associate status who is also active in the United States Army must comply with Policy Memorandum 97-11 Department of the Army. The policy prohibits outside employment, including multilevel marketing, of persons actively serving in the United States Army without first obtaining approval from the appropriate individual in command prior to engaging in such outside employment.