Mexico Leadership Event: What You Missed

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Mannatech President Alfredo Bala, Gold Presidential Johanna Gil-Bala, Platinum Presidentials Wendy and Don Kremer, Presidential Germain Vaca and Product Training Specialist Lilibeth Paniagua brought the Wellness Revolution to Mexico on May 22-23, and the event’s energy was through the roof!

Friday’s Meeting

The event began on Friday, May 22 with Presidential Leader Germain Vaca who recognized many of Mexico’s Leaders, including José Paniagua and Esmeralda Rodriguez, Soraya and Alejandro Kang, Mirian Rodriguez and Daniel Bedolla, Guillermo Lemble and Sandra Galán.

Al Bala discussed the value proposition of Mannatech and the five year strategy for building the Latino market.

Johanna Gil-Bala talked about how to expand your organization through the 3 Point Plan.

Wendy and Don Kremer then discussed the power of unity and a recognition culture through leadership.

More than 80 people attended Friday’s leadership session. The night ended with a special dinner for Leaders and qualifiers.

Saturday’s Meeting

Saturday’s morning session began with a brief message from Diego Mejia, and Germain Vaca presented several success stories.

Al Bala discussed the importance of Mexico and the Latin countries, the new Colombia launch and Mannatech’s entrance into the Central and South American markets.

Executive Directors Mirian Rodriguez and Daniel Bedolla, along with Germain, Diego and Al, recognized the Team Bonus Earners and 2015 Regional Directors.

Wendy and Don Kremer were presented with a commemorative plaque for their dedication and hard work. They then shared their story, dreams, struggles and victories and how to develop daily habits as individuals and as a group.

Attendees were able to learn about the official launch of Emprizone, which included information on performance and an explanation of the product.

Attendees also learned more about the Incentive Challenge, Incentive Trip and how to qualify.

In the afternoon session, Germain Vaca discussed the importance and power of strength.

Lilibeth Paniagua then took the stage to talk about the 21-Day Purification System and Challenge. She was then recognized with a plaque for her hard work and contributions.

Next, the National Directors parade began, where Sandra Galán and Guillermo Lemble, along with Diego and Al, presented the new leaders. MannaFestSM award earners were also recognized.

Johanna Gil-Bala gave a keynote speech on how you can accomplish your dreams and goals through an organized system.

Throughout the weekend, 21 success stories were recognized on stage during Friday and Saturday’s meetings.

More than 340 people attended Saturday’s General Session meetings. Lastly, the event ended with a few final words from the event hosts and hostesses, followed by a great celebration with music and laughter, ending the event on a positive, motivated note for all who participated.


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