Re:vive and Rev Up Your Fourth Quarter Business

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As part of Mannatech’s transformation and growth, re:vive is a new, exciting opportunity for active Associates to re-engage with former, now inactive Associates.

From now until February 12, 2016, Mannatech will be focusing on helping you re:vive, or reactivate, Associates who could affect the future success of your business.

Mannatech has released two training webinars designed to help you learn how to download and save data while maximizing your organization. In addition, Mannatech has developed reference sheets for the webinars to help you capture your data.

Click on the links below to watch the webinars or download the reference sheets:

Capture Your Team Data

Watch the Webinar

Read the Reference Sheet

Engage Your Leadership Team and Prioritize Your Contact Strategies

Watch the Webinar

Read the Reference Sheet

Inactive Associates who place a one-time order of 100 PV or more or start an Automatic Order of 100 PV or more will be reactivated and will receive a special thank you gift of Generation Ūth™ Rejuvenation Crème samples, a product information card and a welcome back letter outlining all the exciting, new Mannatech initiatives along with an invitation to MannaFest 2016! In order to receive the free gift, reactivated Associates must place their order by phone. Associates who place a one-time order for less than 100 PV will be reactivated but will not receive the free samples.

Talk with people who have been loyal product users in the past, and share with them all the new initiatives and programs they may have missed out on since their last order. Be sure to share this information with your active downline to encourage everyone on your team to re:vive their business!

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  1. Pat Campbell says:

    I’m thankful for a hard date for purge. Will mean deliberate action over the holidays and a fast start for the New Year.

    Will there be a product promo to offer after the Christmas specials?

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