See How These People Transformed Their Bodies, Put Cash in Their Wallets As Round 2 Winners of the TruHealth Transformation Challenge

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Amanda Foster (U.S.) – Individual Winner – $500

 “I knew that at the beginning of the second month of the Transformation Challenge, transforming my body composition would be more difficult for a variety of reasons. The first reason was because I had less fat to lose. The second reason was I knew it would be difficult to maintain the same focus that I had in the first round. My challenge goals for this last month were to try to lose overall fat. Having an accountability partner who is as competitive as I am helped to push me on the days when I simply didn’t feel like trying. He pushed me to work hard in the gym and stick to our clean eating at night when all I wanted was to order Chinese food and pick up a brownie sundae. I entered this Transformation Challenge to get real results and be comfortable in my own skin. I entered so that I could be as healthy as well as to help lead others by example. I fully believe in these products, and I went all in to get the best results possible. I am more motivated than ever to achieve my goals†.” – Amanda Foster

Gary & Patti Browett (CA) – Partner Winners – $1,000 total

“WOW! I am 60 days in and cannot believe how great I feel. It is great having the pictures to look at, as they are a perfect visual to see my progress. While we measure the inches and can feel our clothes becoming looser, the pictures are what really help keep me going. I also have found the recipes to be so good and the exercise programs have been designed so that even someone like me who has a busy schedule can still manage with ease. Personally, I have found that the virtual trainer programs have helped a lot, especially in my core area.

I have started wearing some clothes that had been put away for years, and I am holding off buying new clothes until after the 90 days are complete. I hear Las Vegas has some good shopping?! We have also been sharing our results and have had two more people start this month. The program is so simple and the meals are delicious, so it makes it easy for almost everyone to succeed. We have found that the TruHealth Facebook page is very helpful for people on the program, which really makes you feel part of a family. Thanks Mannatech! You have done it again with a simple, nutritious program for everyone.” – Gary Browett

“I am so excited about this program and how it helps people rediscover themselves! I am now entering day 60, and I can’t believe the changes I have experienced. First, when I looked at the length of time I was committing to, I wasn’t sure how I was going to do it, but I knew I had to. It has been such an easy plan to follow. I am enjoying using the system, working out with the virtual trainers, following the recipes and being creative and searching online for more exciting ways to eat healthy.

I start my day with Jeanae, my personal trainer, and I enjoy working these exercises and cardio workouts into my week. Oh, and did I mention how much I have noticed how toned and firm my body is now?

I have been able to share the system and the website with others very easily. I help them find recipes and solutions to other questions they may have. I also hook them up with the TruHealth Facebook page, and I introduce them to the Mannatech community. This is where they receive additional support, guidance and ideas.

This is the best commitment I have made to myself, and I am loving it! I love that I can do this with my husband as we keep each other on track, and it works out great for meal planning and our confidence in what we are doing. I look forward to the next 30 days!” – Patti Browett

Bryan Assman (CA), Cherene Assman (CA), Stephanie Molloy (CA) & Rachelle Vardeh-Esakian (CA) – Team Winners (Team Transformers) – $2,000 total

“February was more of a challenge for me than I had envisioned. I was not able to work out as regularly as I had planned, and I had some “off” eating days. The GREAT thing is that regardless of those challenges, I was still able to change my body composition, and that is the bottom line of success! I was able to increase my lean muscle mass, lose some inches and set myself up for more success heading to the finish line in March! Enjoying two TruPLENISH™ shakes a day has really been a lifesaver for both time saving and convenience. The nutritional impact of the shakes is huge, as I feel fueled all day without the afternoon lag. Needless to say, even though I was a little off track a few days, I still had great results and can now press on to my goals for March. As I look back to the beginning of this journey that started in January, I’ve learned to keep following the plan and control what I can control. The system and lifestyle work and are not on trial. We continue to get results.”– Bryan Assman


“WOW! What a great team we have for the Transformation Challenge. They are committed, and we are seeing great results. I joined the challenge in early January to get back on track with a low-glycemic lifestyle and get my body to “better-than-where-I-was” the summer of 2016. To accomplish this, I knew I’d need to commit to a regular exercise schedule to build lean muscle. I’ve lost inches and fat, while gaining lean muscle and even some bone mass! I’m thrilled with where I’m at and the pictures really help me to see the transformation. I’m excited to close out the final month of the challenge going all-out. I’ll continue to take two TruPLENISH shakes a day, along with a 30 minute workout 5-6 days a week. Look out summer, here I come! I LOVE the TruHealth System and lifestyle, and I love sharing it with others! Thank you Mannatech!” – Cherene Assman


“So, they say life begins at 40, and I want to be ready for it! With the help of TruHealth, I’m able to lose fat and inches. When I turn 40 in December, I want to look and feel amazing! I’m feeling the benefits of TruHealth already. TruHealth is unlike any diet I’ve ever done, and I’ve tried them all. I feel great, and I’m not having cravings. This truly is a lifestyle change, not a diet, and I am surprised at how easy I’ve adjusted to it! A huge shout out to Cherene Assman – she is a fantastic coach! She is a fountain of knowledge and encouragement. Cherene really cares, and she isn’t in it just to make a buck! She really wants to help others to succeed in their goals and grow in their knowledge of TruHealth. If you’re thinking of trying TruHealth, you won’t be sorry.” – Stephanie Molloy


“How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. This is how I tackled this journey for the month of February: one day at a time. With working shift work, particularly nights, I find it challenging to arrange meals when I’m only able to sleep for four hours, as well as incorporate exercise when feeling exhausted. I have taken one step at a time, one day at a time. I have not given up, and I look forward to my final goal, no matter how long it takes. This second month, I continued to enjoy positive encouragement from my coaches. I have begun to envision a strong, healthy woman, wife and mother. Even though I am not there yet, I know that I can achieve that for both myself and my family. It does not matter whether I am maintaining a turtle pace, or a rabbit pace, as long as I am moving forward toward my goal.” – Rachelle Vardeh-Esakian