Find Out Which “Friends” Character You Are By How Much Coffee You Drink

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Are you like Rachel who makes but hardly drinks the coffee, or are you a coffee junkie like Phoebe?

You can figure out if you are a coffee fiend or a coffee friend by how much coffee you drink, thanks to a TV fan who estimated how much coffee the characters in the hit TV show “Friends” drank during its run.

Here is the coffee consumption estimation. Check to see how you match up with these Friends:

Whether you are a self-proclaimed coffee addict like Chandler or you just drink enough to keep you awake at school or work like Ross, all this coffee is costing you lots of cash. But fortunately for you, you can drink coffee regularly like Monica and it won’t cut too deeply into your wallet thanks to Mannatech’s GlycoCafé. It was estimated that all the Friends spent more than $2,000 (including tip for Gunther) for their coffee. Without a tip it would still come in at $1,700 at $1.50 per serving.

At $1.30 per serving (at retail price), GlycoCafé would have cost the group around $1,500 for all the coffee they drank, saving them more than $500 with tip or more than $200 without tips. The best news is GlycoCafé is a healthy, convenient coffee drink and packs a fortified energy boost to keep you going strong.

GlycoCafé coffee is crafted using a blend of organic Arabica beans, antioxidant-rich coffee fruit and metabolism-boosting green coffee. Not only is GlycoCafé a complete coffee, it can also improve cognitive function, provide superior antioxidant support and support cardiovascular health.*

Furthermore, GlycoCafé is vegan friendly and free of gluten, soy, dairy, MSG, sweeteners and artificial flavors and colors.

The next time you and your friends are about to head to the coffee shop for the umpteenth time, try offering GlycoCafé in the apartment instead. And maybe rent “Die Hard” again for old times’ sake. And a meatball sub for your hungry friend.

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