Video: Generation Uth for Life – Your Best Beauty Secret

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We’re all passionate about something and want to chase success, but we don’t love aging and wrinkles. Don’t you want your skin to show the same youthfulness that you feel inside? In this new video, see how Mannatech’s Generation Uth Skincare System offers a unique, natural and nourishing way to younger looking skin.

Uth Rejuvenation Crème is clinically shown to provide smoother skin to 100% of study subjects, while 77% could visually see more radiance.^ Cleanse, rejuvenate and moisturize to refresh your skin’s ability to support itself. The Generation Uth Skincare System is your best beauty secret.

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^In an 8-week clinical trial conducted by Thomas J. Stevens and Associates, participants saw a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and an improvement in the evenness of the skin’s tone and in its firmness and elasticity.