Video: Three-Time TruHealth™ Bundle Winners Explain How the ‘Lose The Fat For Free’ Program Has Boosted Their Fat-Loss Transformation and Business

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In this new video, Charlie and Lori Cutter, Executive Directors from Happy Valley, Oregon, explain how they have used the ‘Lose The Fat For Free’ program, also called the Customer Acquisition Program (CAP), to earn three FREE TruHealth bundles to kick-start their fat-loss journey and help build their business.

The “Lose the Fat For Free” program is running through BP13. This program will help you get your TruHealth Bundle for FREE (shipping included). All you have to do is get three people (new or current customers/Members) who want to take back their life with the TruHealth 30-Day Fat Loss System. When each of them purchases the TruHealth Bundle ($263.99) within one BP, you get yours for FREE! Read more qualifying details here.

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