What is a Brand and Why is it Important? Details Behind Mannatech’s New Brand Reveal

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Mannatech is on the verge of a wonderful overhaul, where this year’s global MannaFest℠ event in Dallas, Texas, April 6-10 will welcome thousands of Associates from around the world to witness its new brand reveal, among other new initiative launches.

But before this highly anticipated new brand is revealed, it’s first important to understand what is a brand, what does it mean to re-brand and why a new brand is important to Mannatech.

What is a brand?

At its most basic definition, a brand is a gut feeling – a bundle of perceptions. Think of the company Disney, for instance. What immediate reactions come to mind? Probably answers such as: family, fun, clean entertainment, maybe Mickey Mouse. Those are gut feelings. A company doesn’t dictate what people feel about them, but it can influence them.

From a practical perspective, the brand includes any possible interaction with Mannatech that builds a positive or negative experience – from the products, to customer service, to social media, to emails, to calls and much more.

Why is a brand important?

A strong brand is important because it defines the company’s characteristics, including who we are, what we give to others and the promise we make to you and to your prospects and customers. A brand is important because it outlines what makes us unique.

What does it mean to re-brand?

Mannatech conducted extensive qualitative and quantitative research with thousands of individuals around the world, including Associates, customers and employees to discover Mannatech’s unique characteristics, values and strengths. These became the base to build on for the new brand. It was clear that the perceptions of Mannatech needed to be re-defined, so the company has embarked on an exhaustive effort to help build messaging, positioning and visual equity that will support a billion dollar company.

Mannatech’s New Brand

What is the result of Mannatech’s re-brand? Those who have already seen it, love it! We can’t wait to show you at MannaFest!

Stay tuned for more information about Mannatech’s new brand, and be sure you and your team (and anyone who’s looking to help people improve lives) are registered for #MannaFest2016 to see the new brand reveal for yourself.

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