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Mannatech Product Training Sheets

 Compliant & Convenient Reference Tools

 DID YOU KNOW: You have access to our collection of Mannatech Product Training Sheets? These go-to resources feature a quick snapshot of the information you need to help sell products to your customers. Find them for FREE in the Resource Library.


  • Everything special about each product — features, benefits, fun facts, FAQs and more — is all in one place
  • Great resource for creating presentations, emails, social posts and talking points with customers
  • Downloadable, printable and shareable | Helpful tip: Print these and keep them at your desk to reference when on calls with prospects or preparing content


  • Go to
  • Select “Product Training Sheets” in the first drop-down menu
  • Click “Update Results”


We hope you find these Product Training Sheets helpful!

Your Mannatech Team